My Story

It’s my Birthday And Here’s a Short Message For You:)

Hey Guys,

I take out a few hours on my Birthday every year and reflect on the lessons and wisdom I have gained over time.

I would like to briefly discuss TWO Things:

#1 People’s Opinions Matter Less to Me

As I get older, other people’s opinions matter less to me.

I like to quote Marcus Aurelius here:

Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.

People will talk, gossip. No matter what you say or do. Most times, we allow people’s thoughts and opinions to hurt us, even define us.

In the end, what people say about you does not matter! Rather what you say about yourself is the most important thing.

Life is Short.

And I try to fill my days with things that I care about and do work that allows me to fulfill my destiny.

Here’s another quote that’s relevant here:

As a result, I am way happier and at peace.

Obviously this does not include the feedback you lovely students give me about my courses.

In fact, while we are on this topic, I am happy to say that me and my team are currently going through hundreds of feedback that we have received over time, and I am in the process of majorly updating a few of my top courses in the next few months…

Will keep you updated:)

#2 Time. Runs. Out.

Time is your most valuable commodity, protect it fiercely.

Most of us think we all have a lot of time.

We don’t.

Do WHATEVER it takes to protect your time fiercely.

-Plan the next day the evening before

-Stop wasting time in unnecessary media that is not going to serve you

-Stop snoozing

-Stop over-sleeping

Just Stop ✋ and

Focus your energy on things that truly matter!

I started work on my new home office in Febuary this year, but due to Covid it got delayed.

Finally it took shape and here is an image (I’ll post more pictures soon enough):

New Home Office:)

I would be really glad to hear from you in case you like to Wish Me…lol:)

Yours Truly,


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Life Begins Outside Your Comfort Zone

Do you want to be Extraordinary?

Well, then just add the ‘Extra’ in everything that you do. 

The ‘extra’ would require you to go outside your comfort zone where the magic happens!

If you want to create a life you want, just know that it won’t be handed on a silver plate to you. 

You literally have to fight for it. 

But the fight begins with yourself, in fact it starts with your mind and your brain. 

Your brain is designed to keep you safe and in the comfort zone.

Let me explain. 

Your brain performs billions of functions every second. In order to multi-task it creates neural pathways for each activity or skill. 

So there is a program to drive a car, there is a program to eat, to walk, to talk, etc. Once you do these activities over and over, they form into a habit. 

A habit is a redundant set of behavior patterns that happens with ease and without your brain using too much energy. Yes your brain wants to conserve as much energy as possible to keep you safe. 

Now, any new activity or learning a new skill requires your brain to create new neural pathways which require more energy. 

There is also the fear of the unknown. 

Therefore your brain tricks you into giving you excuses and tries to convince you that there is a threat and potential danger in doing anything new. 

In a way, your primitive brain wants you to fail, but know this: It has the best intention:)

In today’s fast-paced world which is changing almost every minute, we as humans need to keep learning. That’s how we grow and become successful. 

Once you push yourself to give that public speech that you know potential can take your business to the next level, or you try to build momentum to start a new weight loss regime, your brain will do everything it takes to stop you by giving 101 excuses. 

But it’s your job to go against your brain! 

You need to push yourself little by little every day and do something that is new, not known to you.

The unknown zone is where the magic happens. 

Research has proven that by pushing yourself outside your comfort zone can make your brain sharper!

How To Go Outside Of Your Comfort Zone, Step By Step. 

Hey, I am not asking you to book a TED Talk next month where in reality you have never ever given a public speech!

There is a very high probability of things going south!

Instead, join your local toastmaster’s group and practice for months even a year before you book yourself on an A-Class platform. 

Want to raise funding for your company and because of the fear you are procrastinating? Just take the first step. Sign up for a start-up event in your community and meet people. 

The idea is to gradually get into the act. 

Daily micro-progression is the key.

The same principle is applied when trying to build muscles. If you want to lift 300-400 lbs on a squat or a deadlift, you cannot do that in the first month, or even in the first year. It takes consistent hard work in the gym for years, before you can achieve this feat. 

So to be extraordinary, just keep adding ‘extra’ every day in the ordinary things you do.

Eat 100 calories less, open a free account on myfitnesspal and start counting your calories. 

Instead of taking a shower with lukewarm water, why not give cold showers a try? 

Why not take the stairs instead of lift for a week? 

Why not stand and work 20% of the time? 

Why not increase your step count by 100 per week?

You get the point.:)

What are the best healthful lifestyle hacks?


Your mind plays a HUGE role in dictating your overall health.

Not many people here and anywhere else mentions how strong the mind body connection is.

I was watching Dr Lisa Rankin’s Videoon TedX where she talks about the ‘Nocebo Effect’

Nocebo effect is when there is no ailment or disease in the body but a person thinks there is something wrong and therefore it affects the body.

According to Dr Rankin nocebo effect is infact the placebo effect’s evil twin!

There has been so many instances as narrated by Dr Rankin in her TEDX talk where she gives many examples of the nocebo affect—like medical hexing where the three girls being born on Friday the thirteen were medically hexed by a nurse (to know the whole story see the video), very sad!

Further, 3500+ case studies are documented in the medical literature in the Spontaneous Remission Project, compiled by the Institute of Noetic Sciences on nocebo affect.

So if you think just because you are working out and eating a good diet does not mean you are healthy.

A holistic approach is the key which not only requires a healthy lifestyle by a healthy mind too:)

How did building a better physique helped you in other areas of your life?

For starters, I have build such powerful exercise and nutrition habits that I very well know that I would be fit for the rest of my life.

Now, thats a BOLD claim, but I know it in my heart that weight training is something that I will continue till I die. Same goes for eating healthy and nutritious.

Few other benefits before I really get into the ‘meat & potatoes’ of the answer:

  • I was born weak much lighter than my siblings. I always felt my immune system was super-weak and because of that I was sick—had fever, vomiting, general weakness throughout my early teens until I started weight lifting.

I was introverted, shy, weak, with low self esteem.

Weight training has literally transformed me. This is not to brag—

  • I work more than 10 hours per day, without any energy dips. I can truly focus on my work
  • I have stopped falling sick a long time back. Infact, I have NOT taken any pharmaceutical help—like combiflam, aspirin…I don’t even know the names of common medicines people use…
  • If I have fever…once every 2–3 years, I simply eat cloves of garlic, rest, drink lots of water and recover naturally within few days
  • My digestion is amazing, coz I make sure to ingest lot of soluble fiber per day
  • I am strong and can deadlift 350 lbs for reps. My target is 400lbs.
  • I am a confident son of a b$t#h and have high self esteem. I feel I am connected to my purpose, my mission and want to do something for the mankind in whatever little way I can
  • I am overall very positive, grateful, fun to be around (although I don’t gossip, or interested in opinions about people, or the worldly news that will have zero impact on what my goals are)
  • I only discuss entrepreneurship, everything on fitness and nutrition, success, failure, life’s deep meaning, self-growth, ideas that can change the world.
  • That does not mean I am not interested in what you have to say. I am a great listener and if you have a interesting story that doesn’t relate to the above field… I am all ears…

Exercise, gym building muscle, losing fat, and optimizing my health has become my life’s work. Here is a brief overview:

The day I quit my finance job in London, and became a personal trainer, my dad was not happy.

He thought that it’s just a phase for me, which will pass and very soon I will come to my senses and join my job back.

Come-on lets face it, working in an MNC as a financial analyst and having a prospects of working hard, maybe doing my MBA and in 10 years or so, reaching a high executive level position with a super-pay package is something any dad would be proud of.

But becoming a floor trainer in some gym in Mumbai. And that too…more than 10 years back, (when fitness was in a very nascent stage in India) was not something he had in mind!

Fast Forward, 10 years, I am still in that field, doing pretty well for myself….

Its been challenging, but I have endured and now reminiscing about the reply I gave to my dad when he asked me —is this what I want to do for the rest of my life, to which my answer was a resounding ‘YES’

I remember this quote from Jef Bezoswhen I read his book:

“One of the huge mistake people make is that they they try to force an interest on themselves. You don’t choose your passions. Your passion choose you

I strongly believe that being weak, skinny was a ‘blessing in disguise’ that propelled me into action.

Sure, it started out as a vanity game.

I wanted to look good, impress girls.

But slowly I realized I was not only improving my looks, but also getting healthier.

I realized that I was conscious about my eating…and then very soon I realized one very important thing that was a game changer for me:

I was not only interested in building my own physique but in helping other build their’s…..unconditionally:))

This was a big revelation for me, as I looked around not many body-builders give a fu$k. But I did and I was different. Maybe it was a calling.

And so I started doing more of what came naturally to me.

And then, I did it even more than Finance. Coz finance could have made me rich, but Fitness gave me meaning.

So I choose the latter…

And now I have another revelation: That… if I can earn good money doing what I love to do, why not teach and educate other to do the same thing?

Maybe help wellness professionals earn extra income—provide them with resources, a platform.. perhaps….

You see working out, eating healthy is a foundational habits that usually starts with vanity—build muscle or lose fat and then eventually graduates into something more meaningful:)

Thats my story I hope you liked it

7 Life Success Quotes

Here are 7 Life Success Quotes.

“Don’t Wait until you have reached your goal to be proud of yourself! Be proud of every step you take towards reaching that goal!”

life success quotes

“WHY” Discover your purpose by asking yourself what drives you

“Energy FLOWS where attention GOES!”

“Purpose-Meaning-Significance” These are what makes a life successful

“One-half of knowing what you want is knowing what you must give up. The best way to succeed is to go small!

“Sticking with something long enough for success to show up is the fundamental requirement for achieving extraordinary results”

life success quotes

“I may not be there yet, but I am closer than I was yesterday”

life success quotes

What do you think about these quotes? Do you have that can be an inspiration for all of us?

I hope you got inspired!

Can you motivate me to start eating healthy?

You need health motivation? You need to start eating healthy? Let me give it a try!

Here are some facts:

I was born very weak (my mom was not well when she delivered me), as a result, I was not able to drink her milk (or very little of it)

My immune system has been weak from the start. Up until my teenage years, I was under the weather, at least a dozen time. Like once a month.

I knew the moment the weather changed slightly I would catch a cold, and that’s exactly what happened.

I was super thin. See picture above.

And the only thing I wanted to go was to gain some muscle, look good, and most importantly wanted to feel good, sort out my health so that I don’t stay under the weather and …live my life.

I guess because of these adversities, I started reading a lot on health and fitness, especially around my college time and ultimately it became my passion.

Why am I sharing this with you?

Fast forward, 10–15 years, here I am in my mid-thirties (with a six-pack) and lean muscle:

ripped akash

I don’t remember the last time I had pharmaceutical assistance (I am serious), the last time I had fever was… well, just last week (but before that it was 14 months back).

Stay with me here…It takes people around 7–10 days to get over the fever, and usually, they pop paracetamol to ease down symptoms.

I relied on lemon water, garlic and ginger tea and was absolutely up and running for 2 days.. flat.

I don’t have headaches, stomach pains, my bowel movements are almost perfect.

I can work without any blood sugar dip for 10 hours straight and I feel good most of the time.

I am happy, love life, and recently my comprehensive blood report stated that all my key medical numbers are perfect. I share my numbers here.

Please…please don’t take this as a boost, or show off.

I have worked very hard for it, I just want to show that just by eating very healthy, and adding few hours of exercise per week, including a positive mindset, can really provide you with a lot of energy …and help you to look forward to living life every day.

Please note, I still do eat ice-creams (here I am eating coconut ice-cream with no added sugar). I drink and eat pizzas, rarely not because I restrict myself, its just I want to enjoy with friends and family. And when I do eat these things, I truly cherish each bite!!

coconut ice cream no sugar

My long-term vision is to be like this man here. He is 51 years old by the way!


And I know I can only achieve this goal if I eat healthily. I am here on this planet earth for a brief period, I have many goals and aspirations and I cannot let my health stop me from living those dreams.

We all take our health for granted and realize how important it is when we don’t have it.

So, my friend, I know it’s not easy to start eating healthy, that’s why probably 70% of the world’s population is overweight and obese.

But I somehow know, you like to be in the other 30%, in the fit category. The reason you are asking this question is here, is because you are wanting a change. You want people to motivate and inspire you.

I sincerely hope my answer does.

In the end, it’s about starting and building enough momentum through habits and routines and a point will come where those habits will take over from you…

and eating healthy and living fit will be on autopilot for you…it is for me at this stage….(with some very minor conscious handling), and eventually, you will shout from the rooftops ….this very slogan:

That Living Unfit was Hard, But Living Fit is Easy.

All the best,

Your Health Coach.


Did this help? Would you like to add anything? Let me know in the comments below!

Be part of the #FabYrEndChallenge

Most New Year Resolution Fail. We all know that. I was a health club owner for 6 years and being in the health and fitness for over a decade now, I can attest to this fact.

It was quite disheartening to see people pay up for annual gym memberships and not show up after few weeks!

Why not try and do something different this year?

Why not ‘reverse engineer your New Year Goals’?

There are roughly 120 days left for this year to end. Why not achieve a transformation first and then celebrate your victory later—on New Year’s Eve. If I am in town, I’ll join you:)

If you are Game, I got your back!

Here’s how to get started.

Send a request to be part of Fabulous Body Inner Circle (Facebook Group).

Studies have shown that being part of the community increases your chances of success dramatically.

Ok, Akash, I am part of your Inner Circle now what next?

To be considered as a part of the challenge, you HAVE to ‘Announce your goals’. You can either secretly answer the ‘Three Questions’ which you requested to answer when you join the group. I keep a tab of it in an excel sheet.

And you can be BOLD and announce it in the group. Again studies have shown that when you announce your goals in public the extra pressure of achieving your goals increases your chances of success.

Great, whats next?

This is really interesting.

80-90% of results can be achieved by following a set of specific guidelines when it comes to training and nutrition.


Yes, our genetics are pretty much the same. If you do weight lifting or do HIIT you will burn calories. If you eat eggs and oats in the morning every day, it will have a positive affect on you.

If you eat less than your TDEE, you will lose fat. If you minimize your sugar intake you will improve your insulin sensitivity.

If you progressively overload with weights you will build muscle.

If you have been into health and fitness for some time, you know all this.

What am I getting at?

Every day for next 120 days (approximately) I will post an article, tip, suggestion, insight, guideline, recipe, workouts, diet charts that will discuss just that- ‘set of specific guidelines related to workouts and nutrition’. This will dramatically improve your current fitness plan that you follow.

Other members of the group will engage in a discussion, giving their opinion and comments which will make the topic at discussion more clearer to you.

You will obviously encounter doubts, queries while achieving your goals. So in addition to my daily inputs, you can post a question or doubt you are facing to which you are sure to get a thoughtful answer possibly backed by anecdotal evidence even scientifically backed.

Akash one more question?

You: So far so good.

I am part of the community: Fabulous Body Inner Circle

I know my goals

If I have any doubts, I can get it cleared.

This is awesome. Most of the things are sorted.

So is there any way I may still fail in achieving my goals?

Me: There are few pointers and things that may cause you to fail.

You: Like what?

Me: Three things.

1) Accountability. You announced your goals and you got started. But you are not accountable to anyone. You don’t have any pressure as such. ( although being in a group of like-minded individuals does help a lot.)

This is where my personal coaching comes into play. For 12 (or 16 weeks) you have to share your progress report with me and I try and ensure you stay on track.

2) Customization. As I mentioned previously, the guidelines, tips etc that I will share every day in the group will get you sorted out. And for the majority (I would say 90% of you) it will work and it will work very well.

But for 10% of you, things need to be customized based on your abilities, goals and needs.

This is where you will need a coach to structure things for you based on your lifestyle.

3) Structure. Step-by-Step Phase Training. After having trained and counselled thousands of people, I have come to discover that there is a pattern human body follows when you are trying to lose fat/build muscle. There are plateaus that stop your progress. What can one do then? Advanced principles of carb loading, reverse dieting, and many other strategies

Advanced principles of carb loading, reverse dieting, and many other strategies need to be employed in order to ensure that one’s keeps progressing!

For this, I have my courses. Step-by-Step and structured. No guesswork. Plus they are way more affordable than my personal coaching.

My business model is simple: 95% of the times, give out free valuable content to people, help them unconditionally, and 5% of the time talk about your premium (paid) content which obviously provides much more value than it’s cost.

In the end my goal is simple: To get you results. That’s what matters to me and that’s what matters to you (I hope)

Be part of this fabulous opportunity before it closes or the year ends and you are simply left with your New Year Resolutions!

All the best, and let me know if you have any comments/feedback.

Have a fit and fabulous rest of the year.:)


Which is the ‘BEST’ Fabulous Body Course for me?

Selecting the ‘right’ course may seem confusing for anyone.

In this article, let me break it down for you in easy steps. After reading it you will have a ‘CLEAR’ idea of which course you should go for.:)

Step 1: Figure out your Body Fat Percentage.

Really, this is the first step you should take. Contrary to what you think, you don’t need to figure out the ‘exact’ body fat percentage you are at.

Just know your range.

Check out this charts for I created for both Men and Women:

If you still having doubts, upload your picture in the comments below and I’ll help you out.:)

If you are a Man and have body fat percentage of more than 20 percent

Or you are a Female with a body fat percentage of more than 30 percent

than YOUR MAIN FOCUS should be to lose body fat.

Then you should Enrol in:

SHRED: The Ultimate Fat Loss Solution.

If you are a Skinny Man and have body fat percentage of less than 15 percent and if you are a Skinny Women and have a body fat percentage of less than 25 percent  —have hardly any muscles to show then go for:

MUSCULAR-The Ultimate Muscle Mass Solution.

Key Note: If you are thinking that you can gain a LOT of muscle with body weight training, let me be in your Face and tell you: That you cannot!

And, if you are Skinny Fat, then go for:

LEAN-The Ultimate Skinny Fat Solution. 

Note: A Skinny Fat male will typically be around 20-30% body fat percentage. If you are over 30%, then go for SHRED first and then opt for LEAN.

Similarly, A Skinny Fat Female will typically be around 25 to 35% body fat percentage. If you are over 35%, then go for SHRED first and then opt for LEAN.

What about those people who don’t have access to a gym (or a home gym)?

Opt for [0-20] The Complete 9 Week Body Transformation. You will only be required to buy a pair of dumbbells.

Note: If you have heavier weights you can build a decent amount of muscle with [0-20] also.

What about other courses like The 11-Day Fab Detox Diet?

This is one of my favourite course and I feel everyone should give pursue this Detox Diet every 3-4 months for 11-days.

Most people/experts will tell you that you don’t need to detox your body as your body naturally detoxes. Well, that’s only part of the truth. What they don’t realize is that only in the past 50 years more than 75,000 chemicals have been created by man and you are ingesting all these through air, water and food.

Over time, your liver, colon the main detox organs of your body becomes sluggish and overburdened and unless you provide the essential nutrients required for them to do their job properly you will suffer from toxic overload which will sabotage your health.

Learn more about The 11-Day Fab Detox Diet.

Hope this article helps you in selecting the right Fabulous Body course for you. If you are still confused let me know in the comments below!

How to Look Younger | Do This One Thing

I am inspired. Truly.

I have had many mentors who are the author of the books that I read. I consider few people like Dr. Mercola, Stuart Mc Roberts and few like them my role models who I follow and strive and work hard to become like them, do good work, reach out to a maximum number of people.

If you know my work you also probably be aware that I write extensively on Quora too.

And just a few days back I read an answer on Quora about this man named Mr. Chuando.

In the head on comparison picture I created above (cheesy I know), if I’ll ask you to guess his age most of the answers I’ll get would be in the range of 27-35 years.

Well, he is ‘NOWHERE’ near that age bracket.

He was born in 1967!! He is 50 years old!!!!


Just check out some of his Instagram pictures (do read the quotes he has written with the pictures I have tagged here):

“Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall, Is That What Mirrors In The Gym Are For ?” 🙊🙊 😂😂 🙈🙈

“When you see the good in others, you end up finding good in yourself”

“Don’t give up, just because things are hard”

“I think they can feel my love too”

Comparisons are always best when it’s You against You. However, when you find a person who you can learn from and progress then I guess comparing with that person is ok:)

I can only estimate here, that Chuando would be roughly 10 lbs heavier than me.

Noticing his wrist size and his overall body frame he seems like an ectomorph and is quite tall. He has great shoulders development and his body fat percentage of 7–8%. So he is surely more ripped than I am. I am currently at 9-10%.

This is my super-power too: Being super-specific. When you know your exact goals in this case related to my physique, I know I will nail this one and remain focused on it until I build 10 lbs of muscle mass (this may take a while) but I am in no hurry:)

I need more shoulder development. I am aware of this one as I suffered a minor injury early this year and as a result, I am unable to do military presses since then. But I guess it’s healing now I’ll be back in the game within few months.

Going through his Instagram feeds and looking for more info on the net, I could see that:

  • He eats well, especially chicken breast every day.
  • He sleeps a lot (he is many snapshots the moment after he wakes up, so I am assuming here, the same way I am assuming many things)
  • He weight trains which is quite evident from his pictures
  • And the most important: He is pursuing his passion. No bosses, no 9–5 work schedule. Stress can play havoc with your body and can age you faster than you should

Bottomline, I am Inspired.

I also weight train, I am pursuing my passion, I work for myself, and I do actually look quite young now than I used to look when I was 25 years of age:

I am not sure if I’d look like that when I am 50, but I certainly can try.

That’s why having a long term vision always help.

So by doing this ONE thing: Finding a person who has the same body type, height as you. Most of all find someone who give good vibes, the person who inspires and motivates you.

This 50 year Singaporean old (young) man inspires me.

What about you? Who inspires you?

What are your goals when you turn 50? How do you want to look as you age?

Let me know in the comments below!


Five Ways To Look Young In Your 30’S