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Akash Sehrawat

4 min read | Aug 31, 2017

Most New Year Resolutions Fail. We all know that. I was a health club owner for 6 years and being in the health and fitness for over a decade now, I can attest to this fact. It was quite disheartening to see people pay up for annual gym memberships and not show up after few weeks!


Why not try and do something different this year? Why not ‘reverse engineer your New Year Goals?’ There are roughly 120 days left for this year to end. Why not achieve a transformation first and then celebrate your victory later- on New Year’s Eve? If I am in town, I’ll join you:) If you are Game, I got your back!


Here’s How To Get Started


Send a request to be part of Fabulous Body Inner Circle (Facebook Group).


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Studies have shown that being part of the community increases your chances of success dramatically.


Ok, Akash, I am part of your inner circle. Now, what next?


To be considered as a part of the challenge, you have to ‘announce your goals.’ You can secretly answer the ‘Three Questions’ which you requested to answer when you join the group. I keep a tab of it in an excel sheet.


And you can be bold and announce it in the group. Again studies have shown that when you announce your goals in public the extra pressure of achieving your goals increases your chances of success.


Great, what’s next?


This is really interesting. 80-90% of results can be achieved by following a set of specific guidelines when it comes to training and nutrition. What?


Yes, our genetics are pretty much the same. If you do weight lifting or HIIT, you will burn calories. If you eat eggs and oats in the morning every day, it will have a positive effect on you.


If you eat less than your TDEE, you will lose fat. If you minimize your sugar intake, you will improve your insulin sensitivity. If you progressively overload with weights, you will build muscle. If you have been into health and fitness for some time, you know all this.


What am I getting at?


Every day for the next 120 days (approximately), I will post an article, tip, suggestion, insight, guideline, recipe, workout, or diet chart that will discuss just that- a ‘set of specific guidelines related to workouts and nutrition.’ This will dramatically improve your current fitness plan that you follow.


Other members of the group will engage in a discussion, giving their opinion and comments, which will make the topic of discussion clearer to you.


You will obviously encounter doubts and queries while achieving your goals. So, in addition to my daily inputs, you can post a question or doubt you are facing to which you are sure to get a thoughtful answer, possibly backed by anecdotal evidence, even scientifically backed.


Akash, one more question?


You: So far, so good.


I am part of the community: Fabulous Body Inner Circle.


I know my goals. If I have any doubts, I can get them cleared. This is awesome. Most of the things are sorted. So is there any way I may still fail in achieving my goals?


Me: There are a few pointers and things that may cause you to fail.


You: Like what?


Me: Three things.


1) Accountability


You announced your goals, and you got started. But you are not accountable to anyone. You don’t have any pressure as such. ( although being in a group of like-minded individuals does help a lot.)


This is where my personal coaching comes into play. For 12 (or 16 weeks), you have to share your progress report with me, and I try and ensure you stay on track.


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2) Customization


As I mentioned previously, the guidelines, tips etc, that I will share every day in the group will get you sorted out. And for the majority (I would say 90% of you), it will work, and it will work very well.


But for 10% of you, things need to be customized based on your abilities, goals and needs. This is where you will need a coach to structure things for you based on your lifestyle.


3) Structure- Step-by-Step Phase Training


After having trained and counseled thousands of people, I have come to discover that there is a pattern the human body follows when you are trying to lose fat/build muscle. There are plateaus that stop your progress.


What can one do then? Advanced principles of carb loading, reverse dieting, and many other strategies.


Advanced principles of carb loading, reverse dieting, and many other strategies need to be employed in order to ensure that one’s keeps progressing!


For this, I have my courses. Step-by-step and structured. No guesswork. You can enroll as a member to get access to all the courses.



My business model is simple: 95% of the time, give out free valuable content to people, help them unconditionally, and 5% of the time talk about your premium (paid) content which obviously provides much more value than its cost.


In the end, my goal is simple: To get you results. That’s what matters to me, and that’s what matters to you (I hope)


Be part of this fabulous opportunity before it closes or the year ends, and you are simply left with your New Year Resolutions!


All the best, and let me know if you have any comments/feedback.


Have a fit and fabulous rest of the year. 🙂



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