6 Steps To Become More Charismatic

Akash Sehrawat

3 min read | Jan 23, 2016

What Is Charisma?


Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and Oprah Winfrey all have it. That fascinating teacher from high school, the bold woman at the coffee shop, your boss- they all have it. So what is it that makes a few people unforgettable? And how can you get it for yourself?


Dr. Ronald E. Riggio, Ph.D., has been studying that question for over 30 years and believes that we now have a good understanding of the personal qualities that can make any individual ‘charismatic.’


Personal charisma is a constellation of complex and sophisticated social and emotional skills. They allow charismatic individuals to affect and influence others at a deep emotional level, to communicate effectively with them, and to make strong interpersonal connections.


In his article on psychologytoday.com, he writes that this ‘personal charisma’ is not the same as charismatic leadership. Still, charismatic leaders possess most, if not all, of the basic building blocks of personal charisma.


So Does That Mean Some People Have ‘It’ And Some Don’t?


No! Those we see as having ‘it’ have learned certain behaviors and skills to be charismatic. Fortunately, we can all be charismatic because it isn’t about how much success you have achieved, nor is it about how much money you have. Instead, it’s about what you do and how you do it.


Here Are 6 Ways To Become More Charismatic


1) Be More Interested Than Interesting


Start by asking the right questions: Ask people what they love doing and what fascinates them.


Once you do- watch them light up! Everyone loves talking about their passions and is excited to share with others what fascinates them. By being genuinely interested in the other person and giving undivided attention to that person, maintaining eye contact & not letting your mind wander, you come across as a charming and charismatic person.


People love to talk about themselves, and this way, you need to listen. So only speak when you have something important to say or have an insight or question about the topic being discussed.


2) Always Give Unconditionally


The best way to build lasting relationships is to find ways you can help others without conditioning or expecting something in return.


It’s the best way to connect with people who have already accomplished more than you in your chosen field. Everyone, no matter who they are, needs help at some point in their lives. It usually relates to health, money or relationships. No one is perfect in all three.


So find a way to help- give and then give some more. Eventually, you will be rewarded; it’s called Karma. Also, by helping without condition, you will be remembered as a classy and charismatic person.


3) Don’t Gossip


We all know gossiping is part of human nature, and we all do it from time to time. But gossiping does more harm than you may realize, not just to the person(s) you are gossiping about but to you and your reputation.


Your friends and acquaintances will take notice of your gossipy behavior and wonder if you do the same behind their backs! Generally, a person with a good character will never gossip about anyone behind their back. Instead, try to talk about your passions or discuss ‘ideas’ that can change the world!


4) Develop A Passion


Being bored with life is not something we associate with a charismatic person. However, if you have one or more than one passionate hobby, or better if your work is your passion, you can come out with a magnetic personality.


Your enthusiasm for your passion will eventually start to reflect in other areas of your life. But, of course, you cannot be a superstar in all things; it’s better to select a few activities and be the best in those while delegating the rest.


5) Be Humble And Lose The Ego


Let your reputation speak for itself. Never brag about your accomplishments or be a know-it.


Remember that you can learn something from every person you meet, be it a CEO or the cleaning staff. If you keep an open mind, listen and drop your ego, you’ll be surprised at what wonders the world offers you.


6) Use Your Body In Communications


Use animated voice, facial expressions and gestures. This makes you come across as passionate about your topic and also engages the audience emotionally in your story.


Over time you will uncover for yourself that being charismatic is less to do with who you are and more about what you say or do.


What do you think about the quality of being charismatic? Have anything you like to add? Let me know in the comments below.

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