What Are The Three Best Life Hacks?

Akash Sehrawat

2 min read | Jan 3, 2019

I love Tony! I want to be like him. 🙂 He is a master in mass customization. While doing his P90X series, it felt like he was my personal trainer. His book is awesome. Read it.


Here Are The Three Life Hacks


1) Do Your Best And Forget The Rest


-Many things are outside our control. Yet we fret or worry over those things.


-Focus on things you can control. Start with yourself.


-Build a routine, both work and health.


-Change your thoughts. Visualize, and meditate on what kind of life you desire. Go after it with full force.


-If you have a bad phase, then know it’s only a phase. It will pass. Good times will come. And that will pass too. Nothing is permanent.


2) Keep It Simple, Stupid (KISS Principle) ~Anonymous


-The human mind can focus for 5 to 20 minutes at a time.


-Imagine the tasks that you can accomplish if you could concentrate more.


-We are a distracted lot.


-Instant notifications. Shut it off. Work on reducing these time wasters.


-Less Is More. There is immense power in doing less.


-20% of activities give you 80% results. I have applied it in my own life with great results. Find that 2 to 3 hours a day when you do your best work. Mine is between 5 and 8 am.


-Reduce cognitive efforts with monotonous tasks: Cooking (unless you enjoy it), selecting what to wear, and other routine tasks. We have limited willpower and Only use our brain power to work towards our strengths or things that we love to do.


-Experiment a lot. Soon you will have a clear idea of what industry you want to be part of. Stick to it. It took me many, many years to figure out my passions. I have chosen the Wellness industry (or probably it chose me).


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I have been part of it for the last 10 years and have built up a decent portfolio of work, expertise and experience.


-Become master of one. No point spreading yourself too thin. What is that one thing that you can be truly great at? That people are willing to exchange $ in return for your services.


Find That One Thing That You Can Do Better Than Anyone Else In The World!


3) Give Back


-Start small, think big. Most people don’t feel like contributing. Hey, start small and build it over time.


-Don’t know where to start? Start donating blood. It’s in constant demand, and with just one donation, you can potentially save three lives! Once you start donating, most people stick with it for at least a few years.


-Donate money. With the power of technology, you can choose any cause and select any charity that matches your interest and passion anywhere in the world and donate in less than a minute.


-The more you give, the more you get 🙂

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