Exhaustive Review Of My Book ‘The Fabulous Body’ By Raj

Akash Sehrawat

6 min read | Jun 3, 2016

Hey Akash,


I attach herein a summary of my feedback in line with your criteria, and I also provide my general opinion as follows.


FB Truly Is A Job Well Done.


I found it to be one of the most straightforward, motivating and clear texts on fitness that I’ve ever read.


Whenever I got a chance to study the book, the text flowed easily, and my retention of the material was aided well by using your wonderful examples and encouraging tone. This really did feel like an ’email from a friend’ and has a loud appeal to fitness enthusiasts like myself.


Each chapter sparked me to understand and reflect upon the ideas mentioned, which I would often use to fuel my discussions with my trainers, my friends and my family.


As you will see from the excel, I have shared a lot of the points that you have made, aided by the fact that they are worded efficiently, making it easy to explain to others.


People have been highly receptive to the things that I’ve shared, particularly given the fact that the points are all backed-up with science. FB finally gave me the answers I wanted by debunking the bro-science.


Since I’ve been into fitness for a while, I found that not all of your points were new to me, but I was pleased nonetheless as FB reassured me that I was on the right track.


However, there were tons of things that were eye-opening (namely, intermittent Fasting, cardio/weights split, calculations, supplement quality etc.), and I’m in the process of integrating these points not only for myself but for mom and dad as well.


FB is a standout in a league of its own because it gets to the point without nonsensical fillers and unorthodox recommendations set out by so many other ‘authors.’


I’ve been sorely disappointed with a few of the hyped-up books on the market because they’ve been stuffed with hyperbole, quick fixes and impractical advice:


– Joe Manganiello, ‘Evolution’- impractical and preachy


– Tim Ferris, ‘4 Hour Body’- some good ideas but ultimately a book of fitness ‘hacks.’


I admire your approach to the whole topic because it’s about creating a sustainable lifestyle of fitness, this is what people need to know, and this is what I want to do for myself.


I make no false praise when I state that FB is considerably superior to the texts above as it devotes almost all of its chapters to accomplishing such a lifestyle.


I was never bored, and I never rolled my eyes. I loved every chapter, and I will be referring to FB repeatedly for reference and for motivation. In excel, I found some grammatical errors and have mentioned the same with the page numbers. I made a couple of suggestions as well, but these are all cosmetic.


As mentioned, this is a very general opinion and should you need anything else at all, please feel free to let me know. I will definitely be in touch in another email with some questions I have.


Akash, congratulations again on this absolute masterpiece. You ought to feel extremely proud of yourself as FB is a triumph. What better way to belong to the ages than by laying out this clear-cut path to health?


Thanks very much.


Warm Regards,



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