How Do You Know If You Have Discovered Your Passion?

Akash Sehrawat

4 min read | Nov 13, 2016

How Do You Know If You’ve Discovered Your Passion?


You Just Know It 🙂 


When you wake up every morning


1) With a broad smile 🙂


2) With a purpose in life…


3) And you wake up without an alarm clock!


Your work becomes your mission, and every single day you march towards it with confidence.


Life becomes meaningful, and a lot of things start to become clearer; you become highly specific with your time, and other things (chilling out with friends, watching TV, and mundane tasks start to take a back seat; you don’t miss them anyways).


You feel connected with God.


You start to emit love and feel wonderful most of the time.


When you are pursuing your passion, time simply stops, and your mind enters into a higher state of frequency.


Great ideas simply flow into you, and you think you can achieve anything you want and be whatever you want to be. But, of course, this is the state of mind of a person who is completely consumed by his passion.


I am fortunate to have discovered my passion, and I am very grateful to Him for having chosen me for a purpose. Alias, it was not like that for me a decade back. I want to share my story briefly of how I have come to discover my passion.


I want to start by sharing this wonderful quote by Jeff Bezos, Founder of


“One of the huge mistake people make is that they try to force an interest on themselves. You don’t choose your passions. Your passion chooses you.”


In my teens, I was 186cm with a body weight of only 140 lbs. With a measly 33-inch chest, I surely wanted to put some brawn. Because of this, I suffered from an inferiority complex.


Another major struggle I had was my stuttering problem (topic for some other day). All these problems, combined with my introverted nature, self-confidence and self-esteem, are at rock bottom. I used to hide my feeling pretty well and basically avoided words that I stammered on.


Throughout my teens, I was on a ship without a rudder, aimlessly moving in whichever direction I was being pushed. However, I realized there was this one good thing about me: I had immense patience and commitment to seeing things through.


If an idea clicks with me, and I love doing it, then I will do it perfectly, no matter how much time it takes. It will become my consuming passion, and that’s what happened to me with Weight Training.


Recall the quote by Jeff Bezos,


“Your passion chooses you!”


I firmly believe that in your biggest struggles lie your biggest victories and passions.


Take stock of your life and figure out your biggest fears and the things you struggle with the most. Being an ectomorph, I had a tough time gaining muscle and weight and gaining over 40lbs of muscle is a big victory for me. On the other hand, for an endomorph losing weight can be termed a victory.


For a stuttered, his biggest victory could be an eloquent and passionate speech on TED. For a financially poor person, it could be to become rich one day and provide for this family. We are Unique and have our share of struggles. But that’s what makes each one of us special.


Take the example of Motivational coach Tony Robbins.


He didn’t have enough food to feed his family. So when someone knocked on his door and gave him food on Thanksgiving, it was the moment of reckoning for him.


He is now the driving force behind the ‘100 Million Meals Challenge,’ which aims to provide free meals to children whose families cannot afford food. What an inspiration!


Tom Rath, the best-selling author of Eat Move Sleep which has sold more than 6 million copies, had a rare genetic disorder called Von Hippel-Lindau (VHL).


This disorder affects one in every 4,400,000 people. This mutation essentially shuts off a powerful tumor suppressor gene and leads to rampant cancerous growth throughout the body. It’s like battling cancer for the rest of your life.


Tom quickly realized that if he learned more, he could increase the odds of living longer, hence his passion for sharing daily tips and healthy habits that enable one to live longer!


Let Me Be Quick To Point Out That Discovering Your Passion Doesn’t Come Easy


Most people go through their entire lives without discovering their passions and what they were born for. They probably get stuck in a rat race, trying to prove themselves to the world or to please everyone.


Here are 3 tips one can implement that will help you discover your passion.


1) Make A List Of All Your Major Struggles


The biggest fear that you have faced or are facing in your life


2) Start Getting Uncomfortable


Every day bit by bit, do those things that you fear. If you are skinny and fear joining a gym, thinking that people will make fun of you, join it anyways. Use this nervous energy and channel it to achieve your goals.


3) Try Many Things And Fail In Them As Soon As You Can


I had a brief stint in modeling, and I did my under graduation in Finance and Economics, thinking I would become an investment banker. After that, I tried various jobs in sales, marketing, and other managerial position.


I was an independent distributor for a nutritional company. I managed various gyms. I was a personal trainer. At one point, my Dad was worried about me (I think he still is) and whether I would be very stable with my career.


All the above job profiles which I label as dots are beautifully connected to form a line pointing me toward my ultimate passion, my newly founded company, Fabulous Body Inc.


You need to spend a lot of time in solitude trying to figure out your true calling. It won’t come easy, and remember that we all are here for a purpose. Be persistent enough, and one day, you will discover your passion, and you will know it 🙂

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