Mindfulness: 3 Awesome Benefits Of Being Mindful

Akash Sehrawat

3 min read | Jan 16, 2017



I have the following affirmation on my wall


‘I breathe in my Courage, and I breathe out my Fear.’


Throughout the day, when I look at this affirmation, I pause for a minute and simply ‘Breathe.’ Do you want to give it a try?


Ok, Just close your eyes, and take a deep breath in… and a deep breath out… Do it a few times. You can use the same affirmation that I use.


How do you feel? I am sure somewhat better than before. Just the act of a few deep breaths can activate your para-sympathetic nervous system—the one that calms us down.


What is the greatest skill one can learn in order to be happy and successful? It is becoming mindful.


In the words of Buddha

Mindfulness….is helpful everywhere!

We do not see things simply as they are but as we are. Psychologists agree that; ‘mindlessness occurs in many more situations and is much more pervasive in our lives than people realize.’


Most of us worry about our past and are anxious about the future but forget to live in the present. Ever wondered why it’s called ‘the pre-sent’? Because it is indeed a ‘present’ from God himself, and when one is mindful, they have the true luxury of opening it.


If you apply the simple mindfulnesses practices that I have listed at the end of this article, your life will unfold in the most beautiful manner, and then you don’t have to wait for Santa for your presents!


The majority of us are living like a ‘cog in a machine,’ mostly in response to external stimuli. Living in an instant world makes it even simple for us. Have a craving for food—order pizza, have the urge to watch your favorite movie—just download it!


Know This- There is a reason we humans have evolved for millions of years and made it to the top of the food chain. We have a unique power that millions of other species living on this beautiful planet earth don’t, and that is ‘Self Awareness.’

Practicing Mindfulness


Just pause and make the effort! You don’t have to sit in a lotus pose for 20 minutes, but instead, mindfulnesses can be done for a few minutes spread throughout the day.


Mindfulness During Mundane Tasks


Next time, when you are doing your dishes, stopping at a traffic light, or even waiting in line to withdraw cash from ATM, just pause your ‘automated thinking’ and just be.


-Take a few deep breaths (close your eyes if you can).

-Bring your attention to your breaths. Start to feel more awareness.

-Don’t try and stop any thoughts from coming; instead, just observe them as they come one after the other.

-Don’t get attached to them.

-Simply observe. This is good enough for a beginner.


Once you do this more often, you can tune into other bodily sensations. Don’t force anything; just be aware of the changing sensations within your body. As you start to get better at this, you can widen the focus and include what is present. This would include what you hear, taste, smell or just think.


Mindful Eating


Next time when you sit for your meals, try not to watch TV and eat in silence whenever you can (I know, this can be super tough, but there are roughly about 21 times that you eat your meals in a week, I am sure you would be able to find one or two slots to practice mindful eating).


First, enjoy the smell and sight of food. Take the first bite and put the fork down. Close your eyes, and really cherish the flavors and the taste. Chew properly and realize how we have the tendency to swallow quickly and eat the next bite! Let me know how that goes!


Mindful Listening


One can also apply the art of being mindful while having a conversation. Mindful Listening is the biggest gift you can give to anyone. Next time, when someone speaks to you, stop everything (yes, even the response that you are consciously thinking about, that will make you look like a smarter person) and really listen.


Maintain eye contact, and notice the subtle changes in the movements and voice tones of the person you are listening to. As you start to build the skill of active listening, you will realize that you can better detect people’s underlying motives and intentions this way.

Take-Home Message


Throughout the day, just Pause, Slow Down, and Breathe. Start small, and build it over time.


You will start reaping the benefits of mindfulness soon enough and find yourself happier, healthier and more aware of yourself and everything around you.


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