Why Did I Become An Author And A Blogger?

Akash Sehrawat

2 min read | Apr 25, 2016

Yesterday I went to this beautiful wedding of my university friend. There I met many of my university friends, some of whom I saw after 8 long years! Great feeling that was. 🙂


One of my friends asked me this: How can I write so well?


Here’s what I think:


For starters, I think I am an average writer. I am often at a loss for words. I also make tons of grammatical mistakes and spelling errors. (If you find them in any of my posts, please do notify me. 🙂 )


Way back in university, I couldn’t imagine in my wildest dream (neither any of my friends nor my family) that I would become an author and a blogger. So what went wrong?


1) I Realized That I Have At Least 100+ Full-Size Registers Filled With My Thoughts, Goals, Visions, And Other General Stuff


When I looked at my writing when I started off, it really sucked. Like big time. Over time I think I got better.


2) I Write In A Conversationalist Tone


The two words I use the most are ‘I’ and ‘You.’ This way, it doesn’t feel that I am writing. It feels like I am having a conversation with a friend or a client!


3) I Only Write About Stuff That I Am Passionate About


I write with my heart. I write for my audience. I write to express. I write because I want to help people.


4) I Read A Lot, I Mean A Lot


No, not fiction, newspapers, or magazines. But articles by great bloggers, (auto)biographies, scientific journals, classic books etc. This gets my creative juices flowing, and I can’t help but put it down on paper. Sub-consciously I limit myself to these topics: Muscle building, fat loss, health, success mindset, productivity, and self-improvement.


5) My Mind Is Running 24/7


And if I have an idea about an article topic or something that I know I can write about, I note it down. If I am driving, I stop my car and start writing. If I am taking a shower, I stop and start writing. I have this fear that when an idea comes, it may be lost forever. And few actually get lost if I don’t put them down on paper.


6) I Have Been Very Consistent


I am a firm believer in the 10,000-hour rule. I think ‘Talent is overrated’ (read this book by Geoff Colvin if you think you are not smart or talented enough).


Hard work, consistency and passion can take you a long, long way.


It just takes time. I think I may have written more than a million words (that 275 words every day for the last 10 years), both officially and unofficially.


If you stick to a goal or a skill, you will get good at it even if you don’t want to.


I want to thank my friend who asked me this question, as it allowed me to convert it into a blog post, and it took me only 20 minutes to write. 🙂


Have a great week ahead, and Stay Fabulous!

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