Five Ways To Look Young In Your 30’s

Akash Sehrawat

3 min read | Aug 2, 2017



When I was putting together my before/after, I realized how young I actually do look now. 🙂



I am in my mid-30s (well, almost), I have been married for 8 years now, I have a kid, and I have way more responsibilities than what I had when I was 25 years old. I am onto my second business now and work most of my waking hours.


So what are the things I incorporated into my lifestyle that allowed me to look young? Hey, I am not self-assessing here. My friends/family are actually amazed at how I keep looking young every time I meet them.


Let me give you five effective strategies that will make anyone look younger than they normally do.

Tips To Looking Younger


1) Drop Your Body Fat Percentage 


I believe in the 80/20 percentage rule, and I use it well in almost everything that I do. This rule is simple yet powerful. It states that 20% of the things that you do gives you 80% of the results.


The beauty of this rule is that you can compound it, and it still works. That would mean that 4% of the things that you do will give you 64% of the results!


Lowering your body fat percentage will yield 64% of the results–In my before photo, my body fat percentage was between 18-20%, and in my after picture, it’s between 10-12%. When you do that, you will look younger than before, I guarantee it.


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2) Start High-Intensity Workouts


I swear by heavy weight lifting. I love doing HIITs via sprinting, swimming and/or bodyweight training. I have stopped doing steady-state cardio. The latter is not bad per se, but I feel my body responds more to short bursts of movements better.


With high intensity, one needs more recovery and overall less volume. That’s why I only train 3 times a week with weights, NO More!


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I do a few All-out sessions of HIIT, and I walk 7,500+ steps daily. Do note I don’t chalk out a separate slot for my walks but instead multi-task walking by going to the grocery store, taking long walks with my family, taking stairs whenever I can and so forth.


I use a standing desk to burn even more calories. It saves me from the threat of chronic sitting.


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Overall, when compared with what I was doing in my mid-20s, I lowered my total workout time from somewhere close to 10-12 hours a week to less than 5 hours a week.


Studies have shown that high-intensity exercises trigger certain changes in your body. The most important change that HIIT trigger is it optimizes your hormonal profile.


-The release of Human Growth Hormone [HGH]. Even by 771% if you sprint and sprint hard. 1


-Improves insulin sensitivity


HGH (Human Growth Hormone)  is called the ‘Fountain of Youth.’


After the age of 30, HGH starts to decline rapidly and continues to do so at 12–15% every decade UNLESS you do something about it.





3) Reduce Or Eliminate Your Intake Of Sugar (Including Alcohol)


Sugar is toxic. It does accelerate aging. There are thousands of studies that have been done on the detrimental effects that sugar can have on your body. 2, 3 It’s a huge topic, and only an in-depth article can do justice to this, so stay tuned.


4) Learn To Manage Your Stress And Anxiety Levels


I have way more responsibility now than earlier. In the earlier picture, I was not married, had no kids, and had no business to run. But now life is crazy. Being a father, husband, entrepreneur, blogger, weightlifter, and author (I have many more labels)…you got the point.


There is a lot of responsibility, stress and anxiety than before, but unlike earlier, I have grown mature and learned to respond well to most problems life throws at me.


I use affirmations and mantras to help me deal with it.


See if you like these:


-Nothing moves me.


-Whatever happens to me happens for my greater good.


-I breathe in courage and breathe out fear.


5) Just Get A Sexy Haircut


Your haircut can make a difference. Look closely at the picture I have provided. Invest in a good barber who understands the best style based on your facial features.

Final Note


I was consistent. Looking young is not my main goal, but building a great physique is. Fabulous Body is not about just looking good or young, but it’s also about being functional, strong and healthy.


All the strategies will work for you if you stick with them long enough. How long?


How about 3-4 months?


Check out my program, Lean- The Ultimate Skinny-Fat Solution, where I give you a step-by-step workout program and diet chart for 18 weeks to get you started to a younger you.


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Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

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