How I Ended Up Lifting Weights | How My Passion Chose Me

Akash Sehrawat

3 min read | Jan 28, 2016

“One of the huge mistakes people make is that they try to force an interest on themselves. You don’t choose your passions. Your passion chooses you.”


~ Jeff Bezos, Founder of


When I initially started lifting weights, it was purely about my looks. I was 140 lbs standing tall at 6’1′ (185cm), with the body type of an ectomorph (narrow shoulders, small chest, and pencil neck). In addition, I always felt that my immune system was not up to par.


During my teenage years, I felt weak, and I found myself under the weather at least a few times a year. Besides this, I suffered from an inferiority complex, comparing myself to boys who naturally had wide shoulders and big chests.


The only saving grace in my physique was that I had a good arm, and because of it, I was on my school cricket team as a fast bowler for a few seasons.


One good thing I realized about myself was that I had immense patience and commitment to seeing things through. If an idea clicks with me, and I love doing it, then I will do it and perfect it, no matter how much time it takes. It will become my consuming passion.


That’s What Happened To Me With Weights!


The first time I lifted weights was at the age of 15 in my room. I saw Arnold’s ‘Pumping Iron’ on TV and bought myself a pair of green dumbbells and a small barbell with 2.5 kg, 5 kg, and 7.5 kg pair weights.


I shared my room with my brother in our apartment in New Delhi. I made it clear to him that in the evening, from 6-7 pm, I wanted the room to myself for weight training. He had no issues with this, and I thoroughly enjoyed my couple of months of weight training while blasting the latest Bollywood tracks.


After a few weeks, I noticed my upper arm muscles had increased slightly in size, and I was hooked. The seeds were sown.


At the time, I was a science student in class 11, one of the toughest years for my studies. Nevertheless, I scored decent grades at the end of the year. After this, I convinced my dad to support me in joining an inexpensive neighborhood gym called NBC. I became a regular there.


Within a year, I saw my weight climb up to 150 lbs, and I was happy. I gained at least an inch on my arms and a few inches on my chest and thighs. I was lifting quite heavy weights at this point, and my body started to tone and shape up.


But, more than all this, I felt good. I felt really good. My appetite improved. Most of all, I simply stopped getting sick. I felt very strong, especially from the inside, with no aches, no pains, and full of an unbelievable amount of energy!


I am now in my early thirties and still as full of energy as when I was a teenager. I feel that I owe what I am today to weight training.


It has become my mission to introduce weight training to both the uninitiated and those who are already actively pursuing it to give advice and guide them to developing a fabulous body in the shortest time and most enjoyable manner possible.


With Weight Training, I Can Promise You One Thing


If you do it with the right mindset and principles for a few weeks, you will be a weightlifter for the rest of your life. Once you experience the sublime joy that weightlifters feel, you’ll find the hours spent weight training to be the most valuable hours you have lived.


I am glad that I was born in this day and age where through modern technology, by simply speaking my heart, I can affect millions of people in a positive way.


I am a spiritual person, too, and I feel blessed that I am getting this opportunity to reach out to millions of people and am able to tell them that this is the best form of physical training. A time will come when weight training will be the number one physical activity in the world.


What’s your passion? Have something to add? Let me know in the comments below!

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