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Akash Sehrawat

< 1 min read | Nov 28, 2022

Hi, Nice to E-Meet You ❤️


I am Akash. Founder & Creator of Fabulous Body Inc.


Fabulous Body is built on Three Pillars:


Transform | UpSkill | Inspire


Our new logo design’s core concept embodies our Three Pillar Philosophy.



You are going the Love the concept of Transform, UpSkill & Inspire, especially if you want to build your career (part-time/full-time) in this Amazing Health & Fitness Industry.




I suffered at the hands of conventional wisdom for many years, and I almost gave up my dream of building my ideal physique.


My main ‘Why’ behind creating Fabulous Body is to help filter out the pseudo and bro-science and provide You with Clear, Specific, and Credible Information to help you build Lean Muscles, Drop Body Fat, and Optimize your Health in the Most Cost-Effective, Timely, and Natural Way Possible.



From Super Skinny to Skinny-Fat to LEAN


Want to Transform and Build a Fabulous Body?


Start with one of our Step-by-Step Transformation Programs. 



Fabulous Body Inc was launched with the Fabulous Body book, a few dozen blog articles, and Online Coaching in the Year 2016. 


However, a few years later, I launched my first course on Udemy. After that, things started to pick up, and tens of thousands of people worldwide enrolled in my courses!


That’s how the Second Pillar of Fabulous Body Inc- ‘UpSkill’ was created. 


Everything starts with a ‘Transformation.’

-A Skinny Guy like me struggling to build muscles. 

-An Obese Person making many attempts to lose the flab

-A person with Type-2 diabetes trying to reverse her disease. 


A Percentage of these Health & Fitness Enthusiasts who Transform- lose fat, build muscles and recover from a chronic disease end up helping others. 


The process starts with helping their near and dear ones, and a small percentage of them follow their Passion and take the unconventional yet courageous path to build their Careers in the Health & Fitness Industry (part-time/full-time). 


Want to Upskill and Follow Your Passion?


Start with one of our Internationally Accredited Speciality Certificates. 


Why I Left My Lucrative Corporate Career To Become A Health & Fitness Coach And A Wellness Entrepreneur


After graduating with a business degree from Lancaster University in England, I secured a job in an M.N.C. as a financial analyst. 


The job was good; the pay was even better. I made incredible friends. But somehow, I wasn’t passionate about the field of Finance. 


I realized that working in a corporate environment was not my cup of tea and soon enrolled in a personal training certification program. 


At that time, the aunt of one of my friends ran a health store in New Jersey and was friends with Jay Robb (Founder Jay Robb Enterprises Inc.). Robb suggested I pursue training from the National Association of Sports Medicine (NASM). From then on, I worked during the day and studied for NASM personal training certification in the evenings. 


I put so much energy and Passion into this course that I passed the course with a grade of 96%. I have only gotten 75% in academics. 



For the next five years, I worked in various wellness positions: as a personal trainer, fitness consultant, nutritional expert, yoga trainer, an independent distributor for a big nutritional corporation, marketing head for a gym, and eventually, as a freelance fitness trainer.


In 2010, I got an opportunity to finally open my health club, Jovenus Fitness. 


Within a few years, thousands of people enrolled and got incredible results. I even started my version of P90x (I love Tony Horton) called Jovenus V.I.P. I had many happy clients who transformed themselves.


I voluntarily closed my thriving gym in 2016 and launched Fabulous Body Inc. 




Fabulous Body is simply an extension of who I am. It’s my gift to the World. 


I want to help people TransformUpSkill them, help and support them to become Leaders, and ultimately see them Inspire the World with their special gifts & talent. 🙂


The World is in desperate need of Leaders like yourself. 


When you have undergone several transformations and have worked hard to upskill yourself, you have a responsibility to help & support others!


Thats’ where you should take a step further and use your Knowledge, your Unique Personality and share it with the World!


I would love to chat and connect with others who share the same passions. If you want to connect with me, I would love to hear from you. 


Connect with me:






Best In Health, 


Skill-Based Education.
Global Recognition.
Powerful Community Building

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About Akash Sehrawat

Akash is a creator of 25+ programs and certificate courses in which more than 200,000 students have enrolled both on Udemy and Fabulous Body's native platform. Akash is also an author of three books that can be found on Amazon. His answers on Quora have gathered more than 12 million views in less than a year.


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