Life Begins Outside Your Comfort Zone

Akash Sehrawat

3 min read | May 21, 2020

Do you want to be extraordinary?


Well, then just add the ‘Extra’ in everything that you do. The ‘extra’ would require you to go outside your comfort zone where the magic happens! If you want to create the life you want, just know that it won’t be handed on a silver plate to you. You literally have to fight for it.


But the fight begins with yourself; in fact, it starts with your mind and your brain. Your brain is designed to keep you safe and in your comfort zone.



Let me explain. Your brain performs billions of functions every second. In order to multi-task, it creates neural pathways for each activity or skill. So there is a program to drive a car, and there is a program to eat, walk, talk, etc. Once you do these activities over and over, they form into a habit.


A habit is a redundant set of behavior patterns that happens with ease and without your brain using too much energy. Yes, your brain wants to conserve as much energy as possible to keep you safe.


Now, any new activity or learning a new skill requires your brain to create new neural pathways, which require more energy. There is also the fear of the unknown. Therefore your brain tricks you into giving you excuses and tries to convince you that there is a threat and potential danger in doing anything new.


In a way, your primitive brain wants you to fail, but know this: It has the best intention 🙂


In today’s fast-paced world, which is changing almost every minute, we as humans need to keep learning. That’s how we grow and become successful.


Once you push yourself to give that public speech that you know potential can take your business to the next level, or you try to build momentum to start a new weight loss regime, your brain will do everything it takes to stop you by giving 101 excuses.


But it’s your job to go against your brain! 


You need to push yourself little by little every day and do something that is new and not known to you. The unknown zone is where the magic happens. Research has proven that by pushing yourself outside your comfort zone can make your brain sharper!


How To Go Outside Of Your Comfort Zone, Step By Step


Hey, I am not asking you to book a TED Talk next month, whereas, in reality, you have never ever given a public speech!


There is a very high probability of things going south! Instead, join your local toastmaster’s group and practice for months, even a year, before you book yourself on an A-Class platform.


Want to raise funding for your company because of the fear you are procrastinating? Just take the first step. Sign up for a start-up event in your community and meet people.


The idea is to get into the act gradually. Daily micro-progression is the key.


The same principle is applied when trying to build muscles. If you want to lift 300-400 lbs on a squat or a deadlift, you cannot do that in the first month or even in the first year. It takes consistent hard work in the gym for years to achieve this feat.


So To Be Extraordinary, Just Keep Adding ‘Extra’ Every Day In The Ordinary Things You Do


-Eat 100 calories less, open a free account on myfitnesspal and start counting your calories.


-Instead of taking a shower with lukewarm water, why not give cold showers a try?


-Why not take the stairs instead of the lift for a week?


-Why not stand and work 20% of the time?


-Why not increase your step count by 100 per week?


You get the point. 🙂

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