Aamir Khan’s Transformation | What You Need To Know

Akash Sehrawat

4 min read | Dec 17, 2016

Image Source: Aamir Khan’s Twitter Page


Aamir Khan did it again, this time for his upcoming movie Dangal.


Recently, I have been getting some emails asking me whether it’s possible to do this kind of transformation and that too in only 5 months (20 weeks). Let’s find out. Let me break it down for you using evidence-based reasoning.


Let’s punch in some numbers first.


Aamir Khan before the transformation: 97 kg at 38% body fat.


Lean muscle mass: 60kg, Fat mass: 36.86 kg


Aamir Khan after transformation: 68 kg at 9.6% body fat.


Lean muscle mass: 61.5 kg, Fat mass: 6.5 kg


So in 5 months, he lost approximately 30kg of body weight.


5 months is 20 weeks, and therefore Aamir lost almost 3.3 lbs/week! At the same time, his lean muscle mass slightly increased by 1.5 kg.


Now, it’s hard to believe that anyone who lost 66 lbs (30kg) didn’t actually lose any muscle (let alone increase) during the whole process.


It’s a known fact that when one tries to lose weight (naturally, of course), chances are very high that they lose muscle mass too. (also, consider the fact that he was 51 years old at the time he did this transformation)


There is a lot of anecdotal evidence which suggests that there is usually a 50.50 split between body fat and muscle mass loss when one goes into a caloric deficit to lose weight (and that too in such a drastic manner).


It’s probably possible to reduce the loss of muscle mass to around 25% or so by not letting your strength fall in the weights room, maintaining a high protein intake every day, and it always helps to sleep more and have great genetics.


Aamir has been maintaining a body weight of 150-160 lbs (for almost a decade now; Ghajjani (2008) and PK (2014)—see pics below), and because of ‘muscle memory’ and, of course, super genetics, he probably didn’t lose any muscle mass during his entire transformation.


This is one plausible reason that can go in Aamir’s favor for him not using any growth-enhancing drugs.



Image Source: Aamir Khan’s Twitter Page


Also, one’s insulin and leptin levels and sensitivities determine one body fat and muscle mass and, therefore, weight.


So if a person who has been overweight for over 5 years decides to do a transformation, when compared to Person B, who rapidly gained weight just a month back, there is no doubt Person B will be able to shed it faster and easier.


Losing weight is also a psychological game. In fact, I would say this: 80% of your results depend on your mindset–Intrinsic motivation to lose weight and daily habits.


Aamir Khan is a method actor. The amount of work he puts into every movie is colossal. I am a huge fan:) So motivation is not lacking for him. Besides, he has an entourage of personal trainers and nutritionists to support him at every step.


And don’t forget, when millions of dollars are riding on you, and there is pressure to perform, you simply get up every day and ensure that it gets done.


At the same time, as I mentioned earlier, he has been maintaining a weight of 150–160 lbs at relatively low body fat levels, so healthy habits—eating nutritious foods and going to the gym- is already deeply ingrained in him. So this is not the first time he did a transformation.


Practical Implications For You And Me




Be Inspired, but don’t be fooled is what I will advise.


People worldwide are getting inspired, and many are accusing him of steroid use.


I personally think it’s not a good thing to judge, be it Aamir or anyone who takes steroids or any growth-enhancing drugs. It’s their bodies and their lives, and they can do whatever they want with it.


But it’s our job to empower and educate ourselves, research, question everything, and really understand what is realistic for us. So here is what Aamir said about his weight loss that not many experts are talking about on their social media channels.


“I had a shortage of time, so had to go for drastic weight loss, but one should go for slow and steady one,” said Aamir, in the backdrop of shooting for Dangal in Leel village, Ludhiana, Punjab.


So what is realistic for us?


Losing 1-2 lbs/week is realistic and not 3-4 lbs/week.


Working out 3-6 hours per week is realistic and not 6 hours per day.


Sleeping 5-8 hours per night and not 10-12 hours per night.


Cooking our own food (most of us don’t count out calories, and usually under-estimate our caloric intake and wonder why we don’t lose weight) and not having a full team of nutritionists who prepare every meal based on our macros.


And lastly, not many people have the budget to hire the best trainers and dietitians and afford good quality supplements and organic whole foods.


So my advice is to Be Inspired, but don’t be fooled.


If you’re also looking to transform from a high body fat percentage to a healthy and fab look, try my fabulous program, [0-20] Ultimate Fat Loss Transformation Program.


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