How Did Building A Better Physique Help You In Other Areas Of Your Life?

Akash Sehrawat

4 min read | Dec 30, 2018

For starters, I have built such powerful exercise and nutrition habits that I very well know that I would be fit for the rest of my life.


Now, that’s a Bold claim, but I know in my heart that weight training is something that I will continue till I die. The same goes for eating healthy and nutritious a few other benefits before I really get into the meat & potatoes of the answer.


-I was born weak, much lighter than my siblings. I always felt my immune system was super-weak, and because of that, I was sick; I had a fever, vomiting, and general weakness throughout my early teens until I started weightlifting.


-I was introverted, shy, weak, with low self-esteem.



Weight training has literally transformed me. This is not to brag 🙂



-I work more than 10 hours per day without any energy dips. I can truly focus on my work.


-I stopped falling sick a long time back. In fact, I have not taken any pharmaceutical help, like combiflam or aspirin. I don’t even know the names of common medicines people use…


-If I have a fever…once every 2–3 years, I simply eat cloves of garlic, rest, drink lots of water and recover naturally within a few days.


-My digestion is amazing coz I make sure to ingest a lot of soluble fiber per day.


-I am strong and can deadlift 350 lbs for reps. My target is 400 lbs.


-I am a confident man and have high self-esteem. I feel I am connected to my purpose and my mission and I want to do something for mankind in whatever little way I can.


-I am overall very positive, grateful, and fun to be around (although I don’t like gossip or am interested in opinions about people or the worldly news that will have zero impact on what my goals are 🙂


-I only discuss entrepreneurship, everything on fitness and nutrition, success, failure, life’s deep meaning, self-growth, and ideas that can change the world.


-That does not mean I am not interested in what you have to say. I am a great listener, and if you have an interesting story that doesn’t relate to the above field. I am all ears…

Exercise, gym building muscle, losing fat, and optimizing my health have become my life’s work. Here is a brief overview.


The day I quit my finance job in London and became a personal trainer, my dad was not happy. He thought that it was just a phase for me, which would pass and very soon, I would come to my senses and join my job back.


Come on, let’s face it, working in an MNC as a financial analyst and having a prospect of working hard, maybe doing my MBA and in 10 years or so, reaching a high executive level position with a super-pay package is something any dad would be proud of.


But becoming a floor trainer in a gym in Mumbai. And that, too. More than 10 years back (when fitness was in a very nascent stage in India) was not something he had in mind!


Fast Forward 10 years, and I am still in that field, doing pretty well for myself…. It’s been challenging, but I have endured and now reminiscing about the reply I gave to my dad when he asked me —is this what I want to do for the rest of my life, to which my answer was a resounding ‘Yes.’


I remember this quote from Jef Bezos when I read his book.


‘One of the huge mistake people make is trying to force an interest on themselves. You don’t choose your passions. Your passion chooses you.’


I strongly believe that being weak and skinny was a ‘blessing in disguise’ that propelled me into action. Sure, it started out as a vanity game. I wanted to look good and impress girls. But slowly, I realized I was not only improving my looks but also getting healthier.


I realized that I was conscious about my eating…and then very soon, I realized one very important thing that was a game changer for me. I was not only interested in building my own physique but in helping others build theirs…..unconditionally. :))


This was a big revelation for me; as I looked around, I thought not many body-builders give a fu$k. But I did, and I was different. Maybe it was a calling. And so I started doing more of what came naturally to me.


And then, I did it even more than Finance. Coz finance could have made me rich, but Fitness gave me meaning. So I chose the latter…


And now I have another revelation, if I can earn good money doing what I love to do, why not teach and educate others to do the same thing?


Maybe help wellness professionals earn extra income, provide them with resources, a platform.. perhaps. You see, working out and eating healthy is a foundational habit that usually starts with vanity, builds muscle or loses fat and then eventually graduates into something more meaningful.


That’s my story. I hope you liked it!

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