The Stand & Walk Challenge | 03rd Jan-23rd Jan 2022

Akash Sehrawat

3 min read | Dec 22, 2021

Hi Guys, I am back with details of the next challenge. I have decided to call it the 21-Day ‘Stand & Walk’ challenge.


By the way, if you did not take part in the last challenge, this No-Sugar guide will give you the complete highlights of the 21 No-Sugar Challenge that was conducted in our Fabulous Body Facebook Group a few weeks back!


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The Rationale Behind The 21-Day 'Stand & Walk' Challenge


Most of us are chronic sitters. We sit for almost 8-10 hours daily. Our bodies were meant to move; movement is in our DNA.


However, our health suffers due to technological advancements, as most of us are glued to our computers in a hunched-over position! A study labeled chronic sitting as the new smoking. I wrote an article with the same title more than a decade back.


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Yes, I have been educating people about the detrimental effects of sitting on our bodies. Besides sitting, we also lead an overall sedentary lifestyle. Another study concluded that the average step count for most people is around 2,500 steps, significantly less.

The ‘Stand & Walk’ Challenge Has A Two-Fold Aim


First, it’ll help you inculcate walking as a habit in your daily routine. For this, you would be required to buy a fitness band if you don’t own one.


Phone apps won’t do as we don’t carry our phones everywhere, plus they underestimate our steps. There are many cheap options on Amazon that you can check out.


Another study concluded that your step count increases by 27% if you own a fitness band. I can surely vouch for this as I have owned one for more than ten years.


The second aim of this challenge is to teach & educate on how you can alternate between sitting and standing. Ideally, build a habit of not sitting for more than 30 minutes at a stretch.


If you want to participate in this challenge, join our Facebook Group! It’s Free to join, and so is the Stand & Walk Challenge.


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Hope to see you on the inside 🙂



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