The 21-Day Gut Reset Challenge

Team Fabulous Body

3 min read | Mar 20, 2023

21 day Gut Reset Challenge

Welcome to the Fabulous Body 21 Day Gut Reset Challenge!


What is the Gut Reset Challenge all about?


More than 10% of the world’s population suffers from some kind of gut-related health issue. The main aim of this challenge is to help people heal & strengthen their gut.


Why 21 Days?


Habits take time to build. Research has proven that it takes approximately 21 days to imbibe a habit.


Why Do We Need To Improve Our Gut Health?


A strong and healthy gut is vital if an individual wants to stay healthy.


Unfortunately, due to our lifestyle choices, there is an imbalance in the Microbiota of our Gut.


The results are dismal, with links that lead to various gut-related medical conditions like a leaky gut, inflammatory bowel diseases and IBS.


A few studies have also found a link to depression, late-onset autism, allergies, asthma, and even cancer.
1, 2

An inside-out approach to healing your Gut can drastically boost your health. It only takes a little time to understand.


For decades our view of the human body was very mechanistic. It viewed every system as a separate part of a big machine. It viewed the digestive system as separate from the body. If it’s broken, there must be something wrong with it.


But recent research has confirmed that our Gut is much more functional, powerful, sensitive, and complex than what was viewed a few decades ago! Research has confirmed a powerful connection between the Gut with our brains, known as the gut-brain axis. Our Gut has the potential to influence our emotions and even guide our decision-making processes.


What Are The Foods That I Cannot Eat On This Challenge?


-Gluten-rich grains like Wheat, Barley, Rye


-Fast and junk food like pizzas and burgers


-Vegetable oils like sunflower, soy, canola etc., which turn rancid when heated


-Conventional Dairy, including related products like cheese, ice- creams etc


-Baked products: Breads, muffins, donuts, pastries etc.


-Processed Meats: Salami, bacon, hot dogs etc


-Commercial Sauces- Pasta Sauces, soy sauce, teriyaki sauce etc.


-Beverages: Alcohol, fruit juices

What Are The Foods That I Can Eat On This Challenge?


-All Seasonal, Fresh Fruits (ideally Organic)


-All Seasonal, Fresh Vegetables (ideally Organic)


-Healthy Oils- Ghee, Coconut Oil, Mustard Oil, Extra-Virgin Olive Oil


-Lentils (Dal)- all types


-Beans (all types)


-Millets (all types)


-Nuts- Walnuts & Almonds






-Seeds- Flaxseed/Chia seeds

What Will You Gain Out Of This Challenge?


Optimizing your Gut Health can help you achieve the following:


-Improve your digestion


-Help you lose unwanted weight


-Improve your immunity as the Gut is the largest immune system in the body


-Reduce gas, bloating, and chronic inflammation in your gut.


-Normalize your blood glucose levels.


-Improve mood, reduce anxiety and stress levels.


Bottom line, even if you lose (don’t win any prize), you’ll still win:)


How Can I Be A Part Of This 21 Day Gut Reset Challenge?


Hosting a challenge requires a platform that can handle the complexities of managing a large group. Therefore we have zeroed down on hosting this free challenge on our Facebook Group.

You can send us an invite here. It’s Free!

Hope to see you on the inside and take control of your health & life!


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Join our Facebook Group to be part of this challenge and many more to come!

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