The 21-Day 10,000 Calories Challenge | Summary & Results

Team Fabulous Body

3 min read | Jan 31, 2023



Most of us are chronic sitters. We sit for almost 8-10 hours daily. Our bodies were meant to move. Movement is in our DNA. However, our health suffers due to technological advancements, as most of us are glued to our computers in a hunched-over position! There’s even a study labeled chronic sitting as the new smoking.  1


Besides sitting, we also lead an overall sedentary lifestyle. The average step count for most people is less than 3000 steps, which is categorized as sedentary. 


If you want to lose weight and keep it off permanently, you need to build habits. Not just one habit, but about a dozen key health & fitness habits which, when mastered, will help anyone achieve their health & fitness goals and maintain them possibly for life. 


This challenge focused on physical activity in various forms like Yoga, weight training, walking, etc. It’s a good idea to isolate these habits and tackle them one by one. Twenty-one days is a good enough time to build a habit (however, it’s not enough and often requires a maintenance phase). 


You can download the guide for this challenge to learn more about it.


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Group Member’s Contributions


Activity Pictures Posted By Our Fabulous Group Members



Testimonials From Participants


Those who accepted the challenge, experienced the benefits of this habit. Here’s what they said after completing the challenge:



And Finally, Our Winners!


Final Thoughts


Habits Can Make Or Break Us!


Fabulous Body’s mission is to help people get fit & healthy, and what better way to support and guide them to build about a dozen key health & fitness habits?


I strongly believe that isolating and strengthening a habit for 21 days and then solidifying it with a maintenance phase can significantly increase the probability of maintaining a habit for a very long time, potentially for life!


Therefore, our aim with the Fabulous Body Group, our Inner Circle, is to conduct 21-Day (or 3-day or 11-day, etc.) challenges and help members solidify these habits.  The next habit we are going to tackle will be gut-related. The name of the challenge is The 21-Day Gut Reset Challenge (it’s a working title).




According to a study published in 2020 on Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders: 2

In a large-scale multinational study, we found that more than 40% of persons worldwide have FGIDs, which affect quality of life and health care use.

Therefore, the key idea with this challenge is to improve the overall gut health of the participants by guiding them through the process and helping them overcome the challenges they face, as a Fabulous Community!


I have many ideas I want to share with our Fabulous Body Inner Circle. Join us if you want to be part of this group. 🙂 It’s free to join and participate! 🙂


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