The 21-Day 10,000 Calories Challenge

Team Fabulous Body

< 1 min read | Dec 28, 2022


Welcome to the Fabulous Body 21 Day 10,000 Calories Challenge

What is the 10,000 Calories Challenge all about?


According to WHO, up to 85% of people in the world are now leading sedentary lives. 1 While the caloric intake has gone up, the activity level has drastically fallen.


Moving around, exercising or, in general, burning more calories with physical activity helps our body with better posture, mobility, flexibility, strength and better neuromuscular co-ordination in addition to saving us from various health conditions that come with a sedentary lifestyle.


The 21-Day 10,000 Calories Challenge will require the participants to burn 10,000 calories over a period of 21 days with various types of activities. This will ensure that they reap many of the benefits of physical activity, as mentioned above.

Why 21 Days?


Habits take time to build. Research has proven that it takes approximately 21 days to imbibe a habit.

What is the Aim of this Challenge?


The AIM of this challenge is three-fold:


1) Help people burn at least 500+ Calories on a daily basis via different activities.


2) Help people build a daily Exercise & Workout Schedule


3) Help people learn the importance of movement in their lives.


Note: We’ll help you build/create your schedules according to your lifestyle 🙂

What will you Gain out of this Challenge?


Movement is in our DNA. Working out has immense benefits:


-Hugely boost brain health


-Optimize overall health


-You’ll be able to wake up fresh after sleeping deep for 7-9 hours


-Your mood will improve, with reduced anxiety and overall stress!


and much more…

How Can I Be A Part Of This Challenge?


Hosting a challenge requires a platform that can handle the complexities of managing a large group. Therefore we have zeroed down on hosting this free challenge on our Facebook Group.


You can send us an invite here. It’s Free!


Hope to see you on the inside and take control of your health & life!


By the way we had great success with our previous three challenges that we had conducted in the past few months.


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Join our Facebook Group to be part of this challenge and many more to come!

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