Calories in Calories Out: CICO. Does it matter?

Akash Sehrawat

September 6

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3 thoughts on “Calories in Calories Out: CICO. Does it matter?

  1. Hi, Akash.
    I was looking for all the resources for learning nutrition and I could find you in udemy.
    This article CICO is really very useful. I had 2 questions.
    1. Is it ok to depend on online for calculating the BMR like
    2. How to measure the calories of food at home. I have seen some people using a weighing machine to calculate each portion of what they eat. Is it the only way for me to know how many calories I have consumed?


  2. Hi Rohit,

    Thank you for your kind words.

    To answer your questions,

    1. Yes, it is a great idea to use online calculators to figure out your TDEE. It simplifies things. We have one ourselves on our website.

    2. Weighing your food is the first step, once you know the weight of your food ingredient, you can use a calorie calculator software like Chronometer or Myfitnesspal etc., to check the number of calories as well as the macronutrients in that particular food.

    That’s how we know how much we’re eating.

    The macros and calories in 100g chicken breast and 100g avocado are very different, best checked with a tool.

    Team Fabulous Body

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