What Are Some Workout Routines To Improve My Body Aesthetics?

Akash Sehrawat

2 min read | Dec 29, 2018

When it comes to creating the best workout routines for ‘aesthetics,’ you need to know some important things that will allow you to build a physique that looks fabulous:


1) Work Your Posterior Chain More

I think a well build back, and good legs stand out more than your ‘mirror’ muscles like chest or arms.


Sure great arms and a good chest (especially a well build upper chest looks good), but not at the cost of the missing leg or back training.


Set your priorities straight and focus on compound lifts like:


Pull-ups (add weights to progress)


Trap bar deadlifts/squats for legs.


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2) Don’t Overdo Your Traps


Overdoing your traps will make your shoulders look rounded and small. A few sets of shrugs once every week or two is fine.


3) Focus On Heavy Lifting


When you lift heavy, i.e, with an intensity of 80–85% of your 1 Rep Max (corresponds to a rep range of 5–7). This triggers myofibrillar hypertrophy and gives your muscle that dense, hard look.


4) Don’t Overdo A Particular Muscle Group


Make sure you don’t overdo your strong body part and take it out of proportion when compared with the rest of your body.


Simply, if you overdo your chest (especially the middle and lower part of your chest), your shoulders will look smaller.


My best recommendation when it comes to chest exercises is that focus all your attention on doing variations of incline presses as opposed to flat or decline presses.


5) Try And Stick Within Your ‘Sexy Weight Range’


You should maintain yourself within your ideal weight range according to your height. Too many muscles just look weird and deter you from that lean and fitness model look.


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In the words of Steve Reeves, “Just have enough muscles to keep people interested but not too much to scare them off.”


6) Drop Your Body Fat Percentage


Drop your body fat percentage down to 15 percent or, ideally, at 12 percent. If you want to look exceptional, you will be required to go into single digits, which is futile and not sustainable unless you are in the profession of looking good!


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