Body Fat Percentage Chart For Men & Women (with Pictures)

Akash Sehrawat

July 30

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About Akash Sehrawat

Akash is a creator of 25+ programs and certificate courses in which more than 200,000 students have enrolled both on Udemy and Fabulous Body's native platform. Akash is also an author of three books that can be found on Amazon. His answers on Quora have gathered more than 12 million views in less than a year.


5 thoughts on “Body Fat Percentage Chart For Men & Women (with Pictures)

  1. Greetings Akash, this is great info, thank you for creating it. Just one note-
    age is an important factor when determining which category people are for bf%. As people age, they naturally have a bit more body fat, even if the same size as when they were younger, due to sarcopenia. Even for those who eat well and lift weights. It’s possible to overcome but takes knowledge, strategy and dedication.

    I think perhaps adding a chart that includes age categories as a variable, would be most welcome, so that 52 year old men don’t think they need to still be 10-12% bf to be in the athletic cateory. A 51-55 year old man can be 20-25 bf % and be in the “ideal” category, according to age-adjusted bf% charts.

    Thanks Again and Many Blessing to You.

  2. Hi 🙂 Great article. I was just wondering about your opinion on body fat measuring scales, especially ones that have ‘athlete mode’ vs ‘normal mode’. In athlete mode I am apparently 18% BF but in normal mode I am 26% BF. What am I really??

  3. Thank you Gaby. Scales are mostly inaccurate. I have stopped relying on them for a long time now. There is a lot of diff. between 18% and 26% visually. It is very easy to see and tell:) Based on the charts above what is the range you think you in?

  4. I’m a 50 year old man and I disagree, sir – or maybe I just misunderstand your claim, but i think it’s more likely you may not understand your own claim.

    First, sarcopenia is most often the result of lack of daily protein intake combined with lower testosterone – both of which are completely treatable.

    Second, if you loose bone density or muscle density, then you need to also loose more fat if you want to consider yourself to be as “athletic” as you were when you had more muscle or more bone density – it’s just rediculous to think that the rules don’t apply to you the same because of your age.

    Finally, i have an “ideal”/”athletic” body through daily intermittent fasting for decade, but i have had months where I was ballooned to 20+ percentage body fat and i considered myself “fat”. I ate like a highschool boy for a couple months and it showed. No man gets a pass on science and truth just because he’s “old”.

    Got get your T levels checked, excercise in a fasted state with zero calorie BCAA’s, and drop that weight. No special chart for “special” people.

    You got this!

    Much love.

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