How To Lose Face Fat Fast: 4 Effective Ways

Akash Sehrawat

7 min read | Apr 20, 2017



We all come in various sizes and shapes, which includes the anatomy of your face. Our genetics determines to a large extent how we look- the distribution of fat cells in various body parts, our facial features and body structure, the ratio of fast and slow twitch muscle fibers, and so forth.


When it comes to our face, we all desire and crave that chiseled look- defined, structured with a clear defined jawline. This is the current trend that has been around for decades and I don’t see it going away anytime soon.


We live in an appearance-loved society where having a well-defined jawline is the epitome of attractiveness and it’s so pervasive that it’s becoming quite common for people to go under the knife to get that look!


This is the current trend that has been around for decades and I don’t see it going away anytime soon.


We live in an appearance-loved society where having a well-defined jawline is the epitome of attractiveness and it’s so pervasive that it’s becoming quite common for people to go under the knife to get that look!


As I mentioned earlier, genetics do play an important role in how your face appears.


For example, some people are blessed with either high cheekbones or simply lower amount of fat cells on their face (you may have noticed that even though some people have higher body fat percentage, but their face looks thin, this is because of the above reasons mentioned)

Steps To Lose Face Fat


While you cannot really do anything about your face structure- high or low cheekbones or the number of fat cells on your face, what you can do is follow these steps to ensure you make the best of what you have been gifted by mother nature.


1) Maintain Low Body Fat Levels



Notice my pictures above. The one on the extreme left was clicked a few years back when I gained a lot of body fat with my waist closing into about 40 inches; Jesus!


I never imagined I would be in that condition ever, but we all have our phases in life where nothing seems to work, so let’s just say that was one of those phases!


The second picture is a very recent one, where I am quite lean, and my waist is around 31.5 inches. This is where my body fat is between 10-11%. I personally feel strong, healthy and fit when my body fat is in that range and based on the facial features that God has given me, I am at peace with that look.


And finally, the picture on the extreme right is from when I was super-lean. That was almost a decade back when I got my fashion portfolio done, and wanted that ripped and shredded look!


Honestly, I didn’t have too much muscle to show. At this time, I was hovering around 6-7% body fat. For me, that look is a bit extreme, and I think my nose looks bigger this way. Anyways, I leave it up to you guys to comment below.


Now, the question that many of you guys (or gals) would be thinking is it possible to lose just my face fat by doing something crazy without having to lose body fat- i.e., saving yourself from all the hard work? 🙂


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Some crazy methods that I have heard and read about are


-Chew gum all day.


-Doing facial exercises by moving your jaw around, making a fish face and so forth!


There are even programs worth $50-$100 that promise you a defined and well-cut face within a few weeks by simply doing these facial exercises!!


My journey of reducing my body fat levels from 28% to 10% didn’t involve me doing even a single facial exercise, including chewing gum.


The only facial exercise that I did was that I smiled a lot! That is something I would definitely like to promote. 🙂


We live in an instant age where most of us want quick results. As a result, some of us are willing to go to any lengths to get what we want without having to pay the dues, without any hard work, for that matter.


And that’s why titles like quick tips, 5 ways to do this and burn belly fat fast work, and people click on these articles and videos wanting to know the fastest way to achieve what they want. So I’ll be a hypocrite to say that I don’t use these titles in some capacity to attract people’s attention.


In fact, you are probably reading this article because of the title. My apologies for that. But that was the only way to attract your attention.


And now that I have your attention, I want to ensure that these few minutes of your valuable time aren’t wasted, and you learn something useful and understand the easy science behind spot reduction and how you can go about making your face defined and chiseled by having a realistic plan to achieve your goal.


I feel the fastest way to do something is to find out what the truth really is, and it all starts with understanding the science behind it, which I will come to in just a while.


I strongly believe in this motto, If it’s worth achieving, it’s worth working hard for.


If a defined and well-cut face is what you dream and desire, in addition to a lean, muscular, toned body, then you need to pay your dues and, most of all, have patience. Everlasting results take time. That’s why they are called everlasting in the first place.


I dropped my body fat to around 12% (from 28%) in about 6 months.


And because I achieved it in a manner that was healthy, I have maintained it ever since. Do you think 6 months is a long time in the grand scheme of things? What would you rather do?


Option A: Buy a $50 quick-fix program that promises you a well-cut face (not sure about the rest of your body) in few weeks or your money back (data shows the majority of people are lazy enough to ask for a refund, but that’s beside the point)


Option B: Would spend $2500-$5000 and go under the knife to suck the fat out of your face, or belly fat


Option C: Accept that the best way to lose face fat is by reducing body fat overall and that it may take about 6 months, maybe up to a year (depending upon your current state)




Option D: Don’t worry about face fat! You just want to be healthy. Well, then, why are you reading this article? Or maybe you have a change of mind after realizing that 6 months is way too long! Just kidding. 🙂


I cannot help you with the first two options, but if you have faith in Option C, then keep reading…


You must have heard this before, and I have mentioned this fact probably a million times now, and that is- Spot reduction is a myth.


Let’s see what science has to say. First, one of my favorite doctors, Dr. Jade Teda, wrote an amazing article on on spot reduction and stubborn fat.

In his own words,

Spot reduction refers to the idea that you can burn fat from a particular area of the body by exercising that area directly.

This idea brings back memories of late night infomercials with people bouncing up and down on ab loungers or adducting away with thigh toners.

Ridiculous, right? But you may be surprised to know that in 2007, a study published in the American Journal of Physiology, Endocrinology and Metabolism by Dr. Bente Stallnecht confirmed that spot reduction does indeed occur.

In the study, intense localized exercise in one leg burned significantly more fat than in the non-exercised leg.

So, this study answered the question once and for all. Yes, spot reduction does occur. Only one problem: it occurs on such an insignificant scale as to be useless.

The amount of extra fat burned from the working leg in this study was like taking a few drops of water out of a lake.

The take home? Spot reduction technically does occur, but at such a marginal level that it's essentially insignificant. I like to say that trying to spot reduce fat with targeted exercise is like trying to change a tire with a pencil. It's practically impossible.

This is probably the best explanation I heard from anyone when talking about spot reduction. But, besides losing body fat, are there more ways that can help your face look more defined?


Yes, there are!


2) Reduce Chronic Inflammation


This can also have a profound effect on your face. For example, even at low body fat levels of 10%, there are days when my face feels puffy, and there are days when my face is way more cut and defined. And one of the main reasons this happens is inflammation.


What is inflammation? According to WebMD

Inflammation is a process by which the body's white blood cells and substances they produce protect us from infection with foreign organisms, such as bacteria and viruses.

If you eat a lot of junk/fast foods, sleepless, drink less water and more alcohol, your body tries to heal you by getting inflamed. Inflammation is actually good for your body. Think of a time, when you had a cut, and your body created a clot around the wound and stopped the bleeding.


There was redness and swelling. This is an acute inflammation. But when inflammation becomes chronic it’s silent and mostly you don’t know about until you are diagnosed with chronic diseases like any heart condition or diabetes etc.


So when you suffer from stress, eat foods high in refined sugars, drink alcohol, sleepless, and cook in vegetable oils like soy, sunflower, etc you not only affect your gut bacteria but you also get chronically inflamed which then leads to weight gain and poor health and of course leave you with a puffy face, or what some people call moon face.


What do we have to do to ensure that we are not chronically inflamed? You guessed it right, just the opposite of what actually causes inflammation i.e. eat more plant-based foods, reduce foods high in sugar, reduce salt intake, sleep more, decrease or eliminate alcohol, exercise more, replace your vegetable oils with coconut oil or ghee, balance your gut bacteria and so forth.


3) Reduce Water Retention


This can easily be cured by drinking more water. If you drink less your body retains more. Reducing salt intake and processed foods from your diet, can significantly reduce water retention and reduce the bloat, which can have an effect on how your face looks.


4) Get A Sexy Haircut


Get a good haircut can make your face look slimmer and sexier. In the past, I have few friends, who just by changing their haircut, significantly improved how their face looked.


Do your research, and see what kind of hairstyle will suit you’re based on your facial features. That’s it!



So reducing fat on its own, or rather spot reduction is not worth the effort. Instead, there are other methods, as mentioned above, that can help you meet the same goal.


In addition, some of these steps will not only make your face but your entire body look better and become healthier. So you can make a well-informed choice.


I hope I have debunked the myths and given you the facts straight up about how you can achieve a well-defined face.


If you have any questions or doubts, let me know in the comments below!

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