How To Lose Belly Fat [2-3] Inches In Less Than 21 Days | A Step-By-Step Guide | Part-2

Akash Sehrawat

7 min read | Aug 6, 2017

You can read Part-1 first, if you still haven’t.


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Time: 5 PM to 7 PM

Step 5: Danger Zone


The danger is not over yet. By the time, it’s 5 PM, you have used most of your willpower. Yeah, willpower is like a battery. You wake up with 100% and by the time evening comes you are only left with 20% or even less.


This is the time where most diets fail. But I am not giving you a diet, I am giving you a lifestyle to follow, I am giving you guidelines. I am telling you something that you can follow for the rest of your life. (I saw that)


Here I will give you a treat. There is no point fighting an enemy as powerful as ‘sugar.’



Before your mouth starts dripping saliva, you’ll only get a small piece. Don’t get your hopes too high!


100-150 calories allowed. Eat whatever you want! Yeah, whatever your heart desires.


In return, you promise me that you will do this routine for me. This routine will burn the same calories as your sugary snack!



If you are a gymer, keep doing your weights, else do the above routine when you reach home. The idea in these 21 days is to do 20-30 min of moderate activity daily.


Key Note: Building habits is a priority. If you find 20-30 min of these bodyweight workouts too overwhelming, do the best you can. But do something.


Now, if you don’t feel like eating anything in this time zone, THAT’S FINE. I can sense that you have an ironclad will. Congrats, you will achieve your goal of losing belly fat faster than others. Just skip this to go to the next time zone.


Just ensure you don’t cross 150 calories with this cheat snack. Use a software tool to track the calories.


If you prefer to have something which is healthy, then, by all means, go ahead by choosing options from the time zone 10 am to 1 pm. This snack will or can also count as a pre-workout meal in case you go to the gym in the evening.


Time: 7 PM to 9 PM

Step 6: Dinner Time


Dinner is the heaviest meal for most people, especially Indians. You go to any Indian party, and the host doesn’t serve you food until about 11 PM. If he serves food early everyone will eat and go home.


Life is messy! Don’t worry I will cover different lifestyle challenges and most common questions that would be bursting in your mind in the FAQ section of this article, for now, let’s assume you head over to your home, to have a good home-cooked dinner.


First, let’s quickly calculate your exact calories you will eat based on your body weight.


Total Caloric Intake


Men: 1500-1800 calories


Female: 1300-1500 calories


Calculate your TDEE using Fabulous Body’s free Body Calculators.


Related Resource: Fabulous Body Free Body Calculators


A simple formula to calculate TDEE is Bodyweight (in lbs) x 13 (if you are not active at all)


x 14 if you are moderately active


x 15 if you are active.


Always choose the lower option.


Now, you need to eat 30% Less than your TDEE.


30% of TDEENumber of Calories you need to eat for 21 days.


Macro-Nutrient Distribution


Don’t go crazy about getting the exact ratios.


Here is an overall framework:


Protein: Stay in the range of 1.2 to 1.5g/kg of BW. If you are 70kg, 84 to 105g per day.


Fats: 25% of Total Caloric intake. Say you need to eat 1600 calories. 25% of 1600 is 400 calories (44g)


Carbs: Remaining of the calories.


For example:


Total caloric intake: 1600 calories


Protein: 90g or 360 calories


Fat: 44g or 400 calories

Carbs: 210g or 840 calories


Important Note


For my Indian Brothers/Sisters, going low carb is super tough, especially if you are vegetarian. As most of the vegetarian protein sources like daal, rajma/chole (pulses/beans) are also high in carbohydrates.


However, if you are a non-vegetarian, things become much simpler.


Here Are The Top Options:


Grilled Chicken/Fish With Mashed Potatoes & Veggies



Rough Caloric intake: 500-800 calories


A great Low-Carb option for vegetarians is Paneer Tikka 


Optional: Add a roti/romali roti with it to satisfy your cravings.



Very Important Note: Don’t have a second salad for dinner. Two salads in a day are not filling. You will end up completely giving up your diet.


Trust me on this one. You need to satisfy your taste buds. And this means that you need the food to be delicious.


If your mom cooks for you great if your partner is a good cook, even better!


Now, in my case, my wife although a great cook, does not prefer to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. No complaints here (I hope she is not reading this…haha)


I have been cooking all my meals since I left my home when I was 17 years old and have continued this amazing practice up till now.


I cannot invest a lot of time in cooking amazing lunches/dinner and have to find a quick and easy way to eat my meals, meals which are delicious or good enough to satisfy my cravings. So here are some more low carb dinner options that you can choose from. 1


In Part-1 I gave you three amazing breakfast options.


Now, who says you cannot have them for dinner?


If you had eggs for breakfast, then have oats for dinner and vice versa.


Do ensure that the ingredients I have given with oats, protein smoothies are super important as they make a bland food like oats bursting with sweetness (the good one) so that you are completely satisfied.


‘Satisfied’ is the word.


Now, let’s head over to the FAQ & SUPER FAB TIPS.




YOU: Akash how do I calculate the exact calories in the menu option you have given?


ME: Head over to Sign up free and use this amazing software. The basic free version is good enough.


YOU: How do I weigh my food?


ME: Buy a food weigher, bro. Here.


YOU: I don’t have time to cook? What should I do?




Option 1: Marry someone who is also a great cook.


Option 2: Stay with your mother all your life.


Option 3: Invest some time and money in learning how to cook


Option 4: Get used to eating basic meals and read a lot on how you can make them tasty enough (this is me, right here)


Option 5: Eat out a lot and remain overweight all your life


YOU: How often do I have to go to the grocery store to ensure that all the ingredients are stocked up?


ME: Good question. If you plan well, once a week, otherwise 2 times. Vegetables have a very short shelf life.


YOU: How much fat will I lose if I stick to this diet for 21 days?


ME: As I said earlier, this is not about how much weight, it’s about building habits. But still if you follow the exact protocols you can expect your belly fat to go down by 2-3 inches, you may lose up to 10-12lbs in 21 days.


This will vary. Some of you will lose less. This depends on how stubborn your hormones are.


YOU: Akash, I have few parties and get-together to attend to during these 21 days, how do I ensure that I stick this plan?


ME: You social animal! 1-2 get together won’t really hamper your results. Just eat something before you go to these parties. When temptation arises, eat a lot of salads, keep drinking water and avoid ALL carbs.


Some Super-FAB Tips


The Aggressive Way Is Always The Best Way To Reduce Belly Fat


Realistically you can lose about 2-4 lbs /week on an average for first few weeks. A good percentage of that weight will be water weight as you are lowering your carb intake and carbs are attached with water.


Count Calories, Every Calorie


Whey your food. Measure and track like a hawk. Do this and you’ll achieve solid results, I promise.


Clear Your Kitchen


This is sooooo important. I can tell about a person’s weight by looking at his kitchen and in his fridge. If it’s in front of you, you will eat it sooner or later, Period! And then you will guilty about eating it. But you will still eat it. And then you will eat some more, till you finally give up on your belly fat loss journey!


I know it can be tough, not to have chocolates and other sweet or salty items, especially when other members of your family prefer those items, but it needs to get done. So get it done.


Remove The Temptation, Before It Removes You


(I am only half kidding here)


Announce Your Goals


Put Facebook to good use.


Partner Up With A Friend, Spouse, Colleague


Motivate each other. Choose someone who is serious about losing weight. More serious than you.




Include at least some movement daily. If you go to the gym, then great, you’ll get FABULOUS result with this lifestyle.


If you cannot seem to do anything, just buy a fitness band and aim to walk at least 5,000 steps daily. Wearing a monitoring device increase your step count by 27%, studies have shown.


Plan Ahead


Always plan ahead. Never second guess your meals. Don’t assume that it will have this many calories. You have every tool (all free) to figure out this one. Ensure that you have eggs in your fridge, ensure that you have the veggies and so forth.


Start Your Day Well


Wake up early to ensure you have your breakfasts the ones I have mentioned


Stay away from ‘miracle’ fat loss products. I strongly advise staying from such products, as they alter the delicate yet complex hormonal system which may lead to medical issues, sometimes very serious one!


If you have extra money to burn, support me, buy my courses. It helps me a lot and allows me to provide you with more free content like my free courses.


Related Courses: 



And lastly, remember:


You are not fat, you have fat! It doesn’t define you!


This article is far from perfect. With your comments, suggestions, questions, it will get better each day.


So go on, ask me whatever notes you made in your diary so far. Let me know in the comments below!


All the best,


Yours in Health,



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4 years ago

Hello Aakash! Just read your blog on how to reduce body fat effectively. I found the content to be very well written and inspiring; kudos to that!
I have been following intermittent fasting and a no white sugar & carbs diet since the past couple of months and your article definitely gave me some pointers I was not aware of.
I had a couple of doubts though:
1) In case of skinny fat, how much emphasis should be laid up on working out while following this lifestyle?
2) Is it okay to eat 4-5 whole eggs or do I need to substitute that with egg-whites? Asking as the fat content is also pretty high in eggs.

P.S. – Thank you for such awesome content brother!

3 years ago

Hello Akash 🙂
Kudos for a great blog and a even greater physique. I have been practising intermittent fasting and also eating clean .
Just wanted to know what kind of a rep range do you suggest for a TOFI person. Heavy weight and low rep right ?