How Can I Build Muscle On A Budget?

Akash Sehrawat

2 min read | Jan 3, 2019



To build muscle, you need access to the basic equipment that I have listed below. At the same time, you need to eat more than your TDEE. Lastly, you need (7-9) hours of undisturbed sleep every day.


Here Are 6 Ways You Can Build Muscle On A Budget


1) To Build Muscle On A Budget, You Simply Need The Following Equipment


An Olympic rod, free weights, a pull-up and dip bar and a weighted belt. This will pretty much cover your entire body.


Building muscle with bodyweight training (like push-ups etc ) is possible up to a limit, but in order to keep gaining muscle, you need to overload progressively. This will require you to either join a gym or have access to the minimum equipment I have mentioned above.


To save cost when planning to join a gym, look for discounts on websites like Group-on etc. Gyms give massive discounts around the new-year time, so make sure you check for deals around that time.


2) The Biggest Cost Saver Is Not To Spend Money On Buying Supplements And Instead Focus On Fulfilling Your Nutrition Requirement By Eating A Wholesome Diet


To build muscle, you simply need to eat slightly more calories than your body burns, at the same keeping your protein intake at around 1.4 to 2 g/kg of your body weight. For more information on how to gain weight and calculate your TDEE, and how much protein do you really need, please look the


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3) Another Big Money Saver Is Not Eating Out! I Know This Can Be Tough, But Investing Time In Learning How To Cook Meals At Home Will Ensure That You Stay Within Your Budget


4) Another Tip Is To Eat At Least 50% Of Your Calories From Carbohydrate Sources


Proteins like chicken, fish, etc can be expensive, and the same goes for fat sources like desi ghee. Focus more on eating chapatis, rice, and potatoes to get the most out of your calories from.


Common macronutrient breakdown for a muscle-building diet can be 60% Carbs, 20% Protein, and 20% Fat.


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5) Try And Buy Items In Bulk And From Wholesale Vendors


Food products like Rice, Flour, Potatoes, and Oatmeal can easily be stored for many months before they go bad, so do buy them in large quantities whenever you can!


6) Lastly, Make Sure To Plan Your Meals In Such A Way That Reduces Wastage


Try and eat the same meals every day! This will require you to buy a few ingredients. The common item that usually goes bad is vegetables. Make sure to include them in most of your meals.


Follow these 6 tips, and I can promise you that you can drastically reduce your cost when trying to build muscle.

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