Can I Gain Muscle By Only Doing Push-Ups?

Akash Sehrawat

< 1 min read | Jan 3, 2019



Pushups are a great upper body movement that involves your pectoral, deltoids and triceps. It’s a great exercise for beginners to build up starting strength, and this way, you can build some muscle too.


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Over time if you can comfortably do more than 15 reps of a few sets, your body will stop building more muscle, and you need to overload your muscle with more weights progressively.


The prime factor that causes muscle hypertrophy (a fancy term for the increase in the size of skeletal muscle) is to create muscular tension. And the way to create tension is to perform multiple sets for a muscle group in the rep range of 5 to 7.


Eventually, you need to move into more advanced movements like squats, deadlifts, military presses, pull-ups and dips (both weighed).


Just these five movements will cover your entire body, and ultimately, doing push-ups will be a mere warmup for you:)

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