Best 4-Day Split Workout For Mass And Strength

Akash Sehrawat

2 min read | Dec 29, 2018

If You Know My Work, You Must Be Aware That I Strongly Recommend Working Out Only 3 Times A Week!


In this article, I cover the reasoning, and most of it is related to lifestyle challenges that we face today. Do note the most important factors when it comes to building muscle and losing fat are the workout volume per week and the intensity at which you train, and not workout frequency.


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This is good news for people who are kind of addicted to going to the gym almost every day of the week! [No pun intended]. I get it, guys. Going to the gym is fun. Gyms are not just a place to work out but a place to socialize as well.


In fact, you really look forward to meeting your training partner after a long day at work and working out with them and then catching up over a tall glass of protein shake.


However, FBX workouts are quite versatile, and there are a few ways you can modify FBX workouts to suit your needs. Well, there are many options to choose from if you like going to the gym, say from Monday to Friday.


You can stick with weight training: Monday, Wednesday and Friday and reserve Tuesday and Thursday for cardio/HIIT or even a session of Hatha Yoga. But, if you prefer weight training, 4 times a week, or even 5 times a week (coming next), then read on….


You’ll be happy to know that in my advanced diploma in fitness (yes, I provide these, too), I discuss in-depth FBX workout modifications, periodization, how to progress with weights and much more.


Here Is An FBX Modification Of The Workout Routine I Provided Above



As you can clearly see that everything is almost the same, but in the modified version of FBX workout routines, I have moved my legs on a weekend. This can be possible when a trainee feels tired on a Friday and unable to do more than a body part i.e. both shoulders and legs.


So he focuses on training his Shoulders on a Friday and shifts his leg training on the weekend, either a Saturday or Sunday.


Another modification of FBX Workouts can be made when training the chest, back and arms. Usually, I don’t give too much volume for arms, and a few sets for each biceps and triceps are good enough for them to grow.


However, from time to time, if you feel like increasing the arm’s volume and really going in for arm annihilation (hell…yeah), then you can simply train your Chest and Back on Friday and reserve your arm training on the weekend!


So there you go, the best [FBX] workout to gain mass and strength.



Finally, do note that when it comes to modifying FBX workouts to 5 times a week, I draw the line. Absolutely not! Then it’s not FBX!

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