Skinny Fat Person

Akash Sehrawat

2 min read | Dec 30, 2018

Q) Hey Akash, I am a Skinny, Fat Person with obviously a big belly and thin arms and legs. Should I increase my abdominal work in order to lose love handles and belly fat? Also, should I focus on Full Body Workouts or Spilt Routines?


A) Hey, Thanks for your question.


Full Body Workouts are good and better than a 5-6 days split routine, but their volume needs to be controlled. Ideally, a hybrid spilt is the best solution. You are only required to be in the gym no more than 3 times in the gym.


With a Skinny Fat person, less is more. Simply stimulate your muscle, rest and recover and take care of your nutrition.


I did a crazy amount of split routines for the first 9-10 years of my weight training journey, and as you can see, not-so-good results.



A Skinny Fat person has below-average genetics to build muscle. The most effective way they can build muscle is through low-volume high-intensity work using mainly compound lifts.


My program, LEAN, employs phased training that can help a skinny fat person lose fat and build muscle simultaneously.


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What About Doing Abdominal Work?


Since the program Lean has many compound lifts in the program, your core and abs are worked to the T, but still, some isolation abs work can ensure that your abs are more blocky and visible at a higher percentage than otherwise.


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