Skinny Fat Girl

Akash Sehrawat

< 1 min read | Dec 30, 2018

Q) Hey Akash, I have a Skinny Fat body type. Can you suggest some diet and workout tips to help me lose fat from my stomach and thighs? Thanks a ton:) Please find my picture attached.


Note: I have not shown the picture here on request of the girl asking this question.


A) Hey. Thanks for your question.


Know that there is absolutely no difference in the diet and workout protocol for men and women. 100% of protocols are the same.


Having said that, ladies do tend to shy away from weights, and [barbell squats/deadlifts] are the last thing on their minds.


They tend to ‘spend’ most of their time on leg machines like adduction/abduction, leg press, leg extension/curls and so forth.


If you know about me and my work, I swear by barbell squats, sumo deadlifts/trap bar deadlifts and consider a workout routine incomplete without these exercises. These exercises, in my opinion, easily contribute more than 50% of the potential results you can expect.


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Now emphatically speaking, I don’t understand why many people are not keen on these compound lifts and prefer to do something a bit less intimidating. At the same time, there are individuals with back and knee issues who simply cannot do the movements in question.


For them, I suggest the following exercise replacements.


-Goblet Squat

-Single Leg Squat

-Dumbbell Lunge


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