Skinny Fat Bulk Or Cut?

Akash Sehrawat

2 min read | Dec 30, 2018

The Biggest source of confusion for Skinny-Fat People is,


Whether A Skinny Fat Should Bulk Or Cut Or Do Those At The Same Time!!


The reason why I wasted so many years of my life is that I was confused. 🙁


One moment I wanted to cut fat because that belly fat used to look ugly in my slim-fit Zara shirt. The other moment I want to build muscle because when wearing a T-Shirt, I used to get this comment.


‘Bro…do you even Lift?’


Man…I was in a major dilemma, and almost all Skinny-Fat people I had a chance to discuss this with were faced with the same issue. Don’t worry. After going through this short answer, you will have a clear idea of what you should do.


The simple answer to this question is this.


Cut And Bulk At The Same Time!!


Yes, it’s possible. This is one of the biggest Skinny Fat mistakes I made, and I paid dearly in terms of my health, wasted food, supplements and time.



In the picture above, where I am wearing a red T-shirt, my body fat was around 18-20%, like most Skinny-Fat guys. And out of desperation, I made the decision to bulk up. And so I did.


I gained weight, a lot of it, but unfortunately, most of it was fat. Great! Awesome, more belly fat, little muscle gain. There were times when due to inflammation, my waist measured almost 39-40 inches!


40 inches!!


I could never have imagined this. Especially being a health club owner at that time, I started to feel like a hypocrite. Just imagine my state of mind.


As Skinny Fat guys/gals, we gain belly fat pretty easily. When calories are increased way more than your TDEE, your body stores most of the calories as fat. For genetically superior people, most calories go into muscle building.


Also, one’s insulin resistance is higher when our body fat percentage is high, which leads to more fat gain. So here’s my advice.


Lean down to around 12% body fat while gaining muscle at the same time.


Ideally, you should do this in a few phases divided into 6 weeks.

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