Good Weekly Workout Routine For Skinny & Skinny Fat Guys

Akash Sehrawat

2 min read | Dec 29, 2018

Q) Hey Akash, you have been skinny & skinny fat! And now I can see you have progressed into building a lean physique. Can you share your weekly workout routine with us? Thanks, Alex.


A) Hey Alex, thanks for asking me about my weekly workout routine.


I am an ectomorph with skinny fat genetics. My recovery capabilities are average.


But my desire to build a good physique is strong. Plus, it’s my profession, and I need to look the part. 🙂


I have made good progress over the years…


Sure there were so many mistakes and errors. If someone I would have avoided, I have reached my destination much sooner…


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Anyways, those errors were part of the struggle, and that’s the whole reason I have a blog where I share the knowledge to help you guys not make the same mistakes I made or, at the very least, minimize them.


My workout routine split has been pretty much similar since the day I created it a few years ago..


The FBX Training System


Think of it as a framework.


Every variable has been given a range and the idea is to stick to that range and vary it year around, based on your focus i.e. clean bulking, cutting, recovery etc.


I believe in being active almost daily, and variety is important when it comes to movement.


So my week pretty much looks like this:


Mon: Weights+ Post-workout Yoga(Static Stretches-10 min)


Tue: HIIT-Swim-15 min


Wed: Weights+ Post-workout Yoga(Static Stretches-10 min)


Thu: HIIT-Swim


Fri: Weights+ Post-workout Yoga(Static Stretches-10 min)


Sat/Sun: Off


My total time commitment is no more than 6 hours.


I recover by taking a week off every 2–3 months.


Weight training is always 3 times a week.


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The total volume per week is on the higher side of the volume continuum, but it’s much, much less than most bodybuilding splits out there.


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Just to give you an idea, a major muscle group has no more than 10 sets on average per week.


I don’t do machines, never. Lat pulldown is an exception.


Compound exercises are always prioritized, but isolation exercises are necessary too.


Rep range is [5–7] most months of the year with a variation of 8–10 few months.


Rest intervals are longer to allow sufficient ATP-CP regeneration for me to overload progressively with weights. 2–4 min is what I rest between sets.


Rest-pause reps are frequently employed.


Final Note


I enjoy weights, plus its only 6 hours and 3 times a week trips to the gym.


I am pretty ambitious and also have scheduled a lot of time for family. That’s why 3 times a week and only 6 hours of exercise commitment works beautifully well for me and makes it very sustainable.


That’s the main reason I don’t miss my workouts, year around and stay Lean.


Obviously, a large part of the results is dependent on my diet, and even with that, I employ intermittent fasting and eat almost the same meals every day, and it works very well.


Hope this helps. If you need further assistance or pre-designed workout plans, you can enroll into my free course, The FBX Training.



Let me know if you have any doubts/queries.





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