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Akash Sehrawat

3 min read | Aug 30, 2019



In this article, we are going to discuss the protein content of paneer. I routinely eat around 100g of paneer for my breakfast.


The Breakfast Comprises


-200g of paneer made from whole cow’s milk


-Two slices of bread 


I don’t make the paneer at home, but I order it fresh from 4s Foods. 4s Foods (a dairy company based in India) paneer is not pasteurized and is made from fresh raw cow’s milk.


(Please note I am not endorsing the brand, and I don’t get any compensation from them. I have been consuming products from them long enough to know that their quality standards are high.)


I maintain my daily food diary on myfitnesspal (it’s free to use, and I highly recommend you do the same if your goal is to build muscle and/or lose fat). Now, different websites provide different nutrition facts on paneer.


This is because paneer is made from milk and the type of milk used determines its final macronutrient profile.

Protein In 100g Paneer


-18g of Protein


-21g of Fat


-3g of Carbs


Please note, if paneer is made from buffalo milk, it will have a higher fat content.

Paneer Making Process


Even though I have never made paneer from milk myself, I have seen my mother make it. Here’s the process


If you want to make 100g paneer, use 500 ml of cow’s milk.


-Start with medium heat and bring the milk to a boil.


-Now add curd or about 10g of lemon juice.


-Keep stirring the milk with a spatula. Soon the milk will start to curdle. Keep stirring.


-Keep adding more lemon juice or curd (either one) if the milk is not curdling enough.


-A light greenish liquid will start to separate from the curdled milk.


-Pour the entire contents into a muslin cloth. This will easily separate the greenish liquid (which is whey water). The curdled milk will stay back in the muslin cloth.


That’s it!


Honestly, you need to try it a few times to perfect this process. 🙂

Paneer Nutrition Facts Per 100g


1) High-Quality Protein


100g of paneer has 18g of high-quality protein, which is great for building muscle.


2) High-Quality Fat


I recommend at least 25-30% of calories from healthy fats. Paneer will greatly contribute towards that. However, there are some misconceptions about fats, mainly saturated fats, which I have clarified in a separate article.


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3) Micronutrients In 100g Of Paneer




A whopping 245mg (25% of the daily requirement) 


Calcium, as we know, is important to maintain healthy bones and teeth, and it’s even more important for kids who need it for growth spurts!


Vitamin A


1028 IU (22% of daily requirement). Vitamin A is excellent for good eye health.


Lastly, because of paneer’s high protein and fat content, its satiety effect is through the roof.


When I have the breakfast I have mentioned above, I don’t feel hungry for at least 7-8 hours. It’s filling, and it does not create sudden blood sugar fluctuations!


In fact, when you have a refined carbohydrate-based breakfast like cereal, bagels, croissants, or waffles, you will start to feel hungry within a few hours. This is because refined carbs are absorbed quickly, causing a sudden drop in blood sugar levels. 


So if you want to lose fat, shift to a high-fat, high-protein breakfast. 


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Even when I have carbs in the form of bread, when enough fat and protein are present, gastric emptying is delayed, so hunger and, most importantly, cravings are well managed!



The inclusion of paneer as part of a healthy diet is ideal for people who are gymming or, for that matter, anyone who wants to lose weight, build muscle and optimize their health. And don’t forget that the calcium in paneer is more important for your kids! Good luck!


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What do you think about this article? Have any questions? Let me know in the comments below!

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