Kunal Arora’s Fabulous Journey So Far

Akash Sehrawat

2 min read | Apr 23, 2020

Kunal Arora’s journey from a 103kg overweight person to an 80kg lean guy has been nothing short of inspirational for me and for others!



He enrolled in my courses, Diploma in Nutrition and Diploma in Diet Planning and started to make the necessary dietary and exercise changes needed for the transformation.


Within a short span of 7 months, he managed to not only lose a lot of fat and build muscles but also improved his health.


He enrolled in more of my courses to keep learning and growing!


Today, Kunal is earning online as a Fitness and Nutrition coach.


You can check him out here 👉 @f2ffueltofitness


You inspire me, Kunal, 😃


Keep up the good work!



Details of Kunal’s Testimonial response



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