Workout Routine For Beginners

Akash Sehrawat

2 min read | Dec 29, 2018

Q. Hey, what are the best workout routines for beginners? Thanks, Sam


A. Hey Sam. Thanks for your query.


Any beginner who joins a gym should focus on Full Body Workouts and train no more than 3 times a week.


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These full-body workout routines for beginners will comprise:


Compound Movements Only


The idea is to expend all your energy in learning these functional compound movements that will not only help you build an amazing physique (no great bodies are built without compound movements like squats/deadlifts) but also build real-life functional strength.


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Use Of Free Weights- Dumbbells &/Or Barbells


Muscles in real life function in 3 planes of motion- Sagittal plane, Frontal Plane and Transverse Plane. You will like my article, where I discuss at length why you should always choose free weights over machines. Hey, I am not completely against machines, and I have provided options to choose from for every muscle group.


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Limited Volume (Sets*Reps) For Each Muscle Group


Volume for beginners should be kept at the lower end of the volume continuum I discuss in my post below. The focus is only on 1-2 sets of compound movements for major muscle groups and getting the technique and feel of each exercise right before progressing with weights and supplementary movements.


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The Training Intensity Will Be No More Than 70% Of 1 Rep Max


To understand the relationship between the amount of weight lifted and the number of reps, you can read this post.


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But for now, know that the heavier the weight you try to lift, the lower the number of reps you would be able to perform for that given set.


Here are the Full-Body Beginners Workout Routines that satisfy all the above criteria.


Phase 1: 0-3 Months



Phase 2: 3-6 Months



For more workout routines like these, you can also enroll into my free course, The FBX Training.


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