What Is The Most Powerful Tip You Have Gained By Reading A Self-Help Book?

Akash Sehrawat

< 1 min read | Jan 3, 2019


I have read hundreds of self-help books, and here are a few important things I learned. Knowledge only becomes wisdom if it sticks. If you apply it.


It sticks if you are consistent with it.


Are You Consistent?


Recall which self-help book you read recently and ask yourself these questions.


-Did you complete it?


-Did you apply the principles and action steps suggested in it?


-Most of the time, we read to amuse ourselves.


-You can only be consistent enough if your desire is Definite


Examples From My Own Life


I realized according to my height, my weight should be 200 lbs (10–12% body fat). I still haven’t reached my goal, and it’s been 10 years that I have been working on it. I made tons of mistakes. Over time I found smarter and better ways of gaining weight and improving my health.


I am consistent. I don’t give up. My desire is Definite. Even if it takes longer than expected. Along the way, I am helping others to gain weight and get fit. I am telling them not to make the same mistake I made.


It’s pretty simple to read a self-help book and make goals follow through for some time. But when adversity strikes, most people give up.




Stick With It. Keep Your Dreams Alive


Keep moving forward no matter how small the steps are. And one day, I promise you will reach your destination.


Don’t give up!


Good luck!

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