Skinny Fat Definition | What Is Skinny Fat?

Akash Sehrawat

3 min read | Dec 30, 2018


The word ‘Skinny-Fat’ can be quite deceiving. Is it a?


1. A condition?

2. A body type?

3. A genetic disorder?


In this answer, I will make it absolutely clear what Skinny Fat really is.


The term Skinny-Fat defines anyone who has a relatively higher percentage of body fat vs. muscle mass for a given body weight.


Consider me in these two pictures at almost the same body weight (+- 2lbs)



Or this one



I am looking much better- toned, lean and more muscular in my after pics because I am carrying more muscle and less body fat for almost similar body weight.


I also had a very slightly pot belly in my before picture as my body fat was around 15–16%, whereas, in the after picture, the visibility of my six-pack is very evident.


Here is another pic at the same time without my workout Ganji



Therefore Skinny-Fat is definitely not a genetic disorder, nor is it a body type!


However, genetics and body type play an important role in predicting your chances of getting a skinny-fat look. (We can call it a look)


Plus, studies have shown that when you become Skinny-Fat, it’s a dangerous condition to be in and should be taken seriously! Let me explain.


Body Type


Basically, we are all divided into Ectomorphs, Endomorphs and Mesomorphs.


I am a typical Ectomorph, categorized by thin arms and legs, a thin body frame overall, and weak genetics when it comes to building muscle mass. And when ectomorphs gain fat, we gain mainly on our bellies. So here’s me at 26-28% body fat.



A mesomorph or an endomorph can also become Skinny Fat, but the look won’t be as evident as in the case of ectomorphs.


Adam Sandler can easily be categorized as a Skinny Fat Endomorph (however, many would call him ‘Fat’ rather than ‘Skinny Fat’) 🙁





Being an ectomorph, I have short muscle bellies, reduced ability to recover from my workouts, less muscle strength, and more slow twitch muscle fibers as opposed to fast twitch, and this means my overall genetic potential to gain muscle mass is less as compared to someone who is a meso/endo.




if you are an ectomorph,


-Have body fat above 15% upto 30%,


-Have very less muscle mass to show, then ‘You are skinny-fat.’


Ladies, everything is the same, just that your body fat range will be between 25% to 35%.


Note: Anything above 30% for men and 40% for females will come into the Fat category. You can learn to overcome this condition in some of my Transformation programs.


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