What Is A Good Workout Plan?

Akash Sehrawat

2 min read | Dec 29, 2018

A Good Workout Plan Will Have The Following Criteria


1) Number Of Reps


The number of reps will be limited to the range of 5—10. Ideally, it’s best to cycle between [5–7] reps and [8–10] throughout the year.


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2) Best Exercise Selection


70-90% of exercises will be compound in nature. Isolation exercises are also important but never the priority.


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3) Free Weights Like Barbells And Dumbbells Should Be Prioritized


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4) Ideal Frequency


I strongly believe working out 3 times a week is the ideal frequency. It’s an enjoyable and sustainable way to work out, and most importantly, it’s very effective.


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5) Low Volume


Although, the most important aspects of a workout routine are the exercise selection and the total weekly volume (sets*reps) you do for each muscle group per week.


For example, for a major muscle group like the chest, the weekly volume should lie between 60-120 reps per week. Now, 60-120 reps is also a huge range, and that’s where periodization will come into the picture.


You guessed it right!


As a beginner, you will start with a low volume and move up on the volume continuum as you progress into becoming an intermediate and then finally an advanced trainee.


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So let’s say you are intermediate and do 90 reps for chest muscle each week. So it will make little difference whether you do these 90 reps in one chest session, two or even three chest workouts a week as long as you do 90 reps.


Now, there is some science that says that training your muscle group more frequently i.e. twice or even thrice weekly, is better than training it once a week.


For example, if you do an Upper Body And Lower Body Split where you train your entire body twice a week, it will look like:


Mon– Upper Body

Tue– Lower Body

Wed– Off

Thu– Upper Body

Fri– Lower Body

Sat/Sun- Off


Then, you are training your chest muscle on Mon & Thu. So you divide 90 reps into 45 reps each session. And if you are doing a bro-split where you are on a one-body-part-a-day split, then you can do 90 reps in just a single chest session, say on Monday.


Ideally, a beginner should work out 3 times a week doing full-body workouts (comprising mainly compound exercises).


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Whereas an intermediate/advanced should enter into a split workout, as the total volume for each muscle group will increase. Here is a sample FBX Intermediate workout routine:


FBX Gain Intermediate Level-2:


Workout Frequency: 3 times/week.


Workout A: Shoulders/Legs



Workout B: Chest/Back/Arms



Need all FBX workouts for all levels? Check out the free course for all FBX workouts for all levels, The FBX Training.


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