What Are The Best Supplements For A Beginner In Working Out And Fitness Who Wants To Build Muscle?

Akash Sehrawat

2 min read | Jan 3, 2019

Beginners, Don’t Consume supplements Until You Read This


-It’s always a good idea to build a foundation of good habits before you start spending money on supplements.


-Supplements, as the word, suggest supplementing your diet.


But what if your diet is horrible? Supplements won’t do you any good, and you’ll simply waste your money.


Listed below are two simple questions that every beginner should ask themselves before they can even think of taking a supplement.


Q 1) Have You Found An Activity That You Know You Really Enjoy And Know You Can Sustain For A Long Time?


I personally have a feeling that I will be working out with weights till I die! Do you have that feeling with activity in particular? How about a sport? What’s the point of this?


Most beginners who join a gym or dance class, or Yoga, get bored and stop doing these activities after a period of a few weeks. What happens if you are using a whey protein in this case?


Did you know that protein requirements for a sedentary adult and an active adult differ quite a bit? I have seen it with people that I know—they get excited one day and join a gym, buy a whey protein box, a pre-workout, and workout shoes all in the same day.


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And after 3 weeks, Boom! They become lazy, and ultimately their whey protein expires!


Q 2) Have You Started Eating At Least 80% Of Your Food That Is Not Out Of A Can Or A Box?


This is a very obvious statement. If you think you are going to build muscle by eating burgers, cereals, or ready-made dinners just because you think you have whey alongside?


Forget it. There is nothing more anabolic than real food.


Did you know that there are so many phytonutrients that are yet to be discovered that you get from the food that you eat?


Well, I agree the condition of the soil is devoid of nutrients, so supplementation with omega-3 oils, a multivitamin, can help. Still, even then, I would highly recommend you guys build up a solid foundation of eating healthy and being active first.


If you have extra money and have the urge to spend it on supplements, I would advise you to instead spend on a good coach; you’ll be much better off!

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