What Are Some Of The Best Protein-Rich​ Breakfasts In India?

Akash Sehrawat

2 min read | Jan 3, 2019

Here are 6 best Protein-Rich Breakfasts one can eat in India:


2 Paranthas With 2 Big Bowls Of Rajma And A Big Bowl Of Yogurt


Total Calories: 980


Protein: 32


Note: This is a carb-heavy meal but highly nutritious when compared to eating cereals. Paranthas have got a bad rep because they are high in calories, but when made with desi, ghee/coconut oil can be healthy (avoid cooking in vegetable oils at all costs).


Also note, eating 1000 calories won’t make you fat; eating more than you can burn will make you fat! Rajma and Yogurt, besides having carbs, also have good-quality proteins in them.


I eat only 2 meals a day, and I eat about 1000 calories in each meal! But if you find eating this much food a bit overwhelming, I would suggest cutting down on the quantities to adjust to your appetite.


Whole Egg Omelet With Whole Wheat Bread


Total Calories: 650


Protein: 38 g


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Banana Foster Parfaits


Total Calories: 500


Protein: 26 g


Please note calories will differ according to the food quantities. About 250g of Yogurt has about 14g of protein. If you live outside of India, greek yogurts are very common and have higher protein content than normal yogurt!


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Paneer Bhurgi With 2 Paranthas


Total calories: 850


Protein: 39 g


I know what you thinking, another parantha dish!


Well, as I am writing this post, I suddenly have a craving for paranthas, as I had a solid gym session, and even after having my meal, I am still hungry:) Anyways, paranthas are tasty, and a lot of Indians eat them. It’s sad to see how paranthas are being replaced by sugar-laden cereals which offer no nutritious value.


Paranthas (when cooked in desi ghee or coconut oil, and when made with desi atta (flour), you can also mix channa in flour for an added protein boost) and eaten with yogurt, paneer, dal, rajma can be a solid high protein breakfast.


Just don’t overeat, and use ghee in limits, and you’ll do just fine.


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And don’t forget to throw away those cereals boxes that cost you a fortune and do you no good:)


Also, please note I am not a parantha fan, and I hardly have it, as my body doesn’t do well with too many carbs. But most Indians can thrive on a high-carb diet (up to 60–70%) of caloric intake, but one needs to make sure that the carbs are complex in nature, like from wheat, brown rice, beans, lentils etc.


Boiled Eggs, Whole Wheat Bread And Cows Milk


Total calories: 700


Protein: 40 g


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Last but not least,


Protein Smoothie


A protein smoothie has a lot going on besides having whey in it. I routinely include things like avocados, almonds, blueberries, bananas, and coconut oil, besides cow’s milk and whey. This adds up to about 1000 calories and a protein total of 65–70g of protein.


I hope you liked the list. 🙂


Also, do note you can easily have the leftover dinner as your breakfast. Just be creative!

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