What Are Some Little Things I Can Change In My Lifestyle To Lead A Healthier Life?

Akash Sehrawat

2 min read | Jan 3, 2019

Get A Standing Desk!


Chronic sitting is a real threat and has the same mortality rate as smoking, according to this study. 1https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/22890825/


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According to Tom Rath best, the selling author of  Eat Move Sleep which has sold more than six million copies:


-Sitting for more than six hours greatly increases your risk of early death. No matter how much you exercise, eat well, and avoid smoking, excessive sitting will cause problems.


-As soon as you sit down, electrical activity in your leg muscle shuts off! Enzyme production, which helps break down body fat, drops by 90 percent.


-After two hours of sitting, your good cholesterol drops by 20%.


Furthermore, there are positive associations between cancer risk and sedentary behavior.


More and more companies have started to adopt the sit-stand lifestyle by including standing desks in their offices. It’s also a great idea to buy a fitness band and aim to clock in more than 5,000 steps (less than this number is considered sedentary) and ideally more than 10,000 per day.


We all know that standing burns more calories than sitting; combine this with deep breathing for about 15 min a day (in total), and you are looking at burning a few hundred calories without even going to the gym.


It will further save you from lower back pain as well.


Is this the future of the workplace? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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