Weekly Gym Workout Schedule For Beginners

Akash Sehrawat

2 min read | Dec 29, 2018

As discussed in my previous article, I strongly feel a beginner should focus on Full Body workouts 3 times a week!


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But this is only 3 times a week! What should a beginner do for the remaining 4 days of the week? Should he simply rest at home? Should he do cardio or perhaps Yoga? Read on and find out….


The number one focus for a beginner when it comes to his weekly gym workout schedule is that he should incorporate some movement every day of the week.  Sundays can be taken as a rest day!


If you are not sure of FBX Training System I highly recommend you check out my free course: The FBX Training.



In FBX Training, the exercise time that I recommend is less than 6 hours/week under any circumstances, whatever your goals or training level is.


Putting things into perspective, weight training will be on Mon, Wed, Fri, one hour sessions, including warm and cool down.


The remaining 3 hours can be a combination of activities that you enjoy.  It can be 2 sessions of Zumba dance and 1 class of Yoga or it can be 3 sessions of Power Yoga.


Like spinning? Schedule it on a given day, but try and separate it from your weight training days.


Always remember one thing: Intensity is directly proportional to the volume of your workouts.


For example, a HIIT session of 20 minutes will yield very similar training adaptations when compared with one hour of cardio. The former is much better, will help optimize your hormones, and save time and unnecessary effort.


You see, I am not a big fan of steady-state cardio training when one can get much better results in doing HIIT training for only 15-20 minutes each session.


Here is a sample Weekly Gym Workout Schedule For Beginners:


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