Top 4 Benefits Of Building Muscle That You Probably Don’t Know About

Akash Sehrawat

3 min read | Apr 19, 2016



Whenever someone thinks of the word ‘Muscle,’ they generally picture a big, bodybuilder-type of guy. Someone like the person in the above picture comes to everyone’s mind!


Now to build that kind of muscle for a person with average genetics like you and me, it will take us at least a decade (or more) of dedicated progressive weight training, a highly nutritious diet and a lot of supplements (probably even drug or steroid use).


An obsessive person who probably desires to win a bodybuilding competition will endure that kind of hard work. Let’s look at this guy over here.



Ah, that’s me 🙂 I believe more than 95% of you reading this post want would want lean muscles like these:)


Generate‘ love for building muscles, and I promise you they won’t disappoint you in the long run:)


Hold on to the ‘love of building muscle’ just for 2 more minutes and read these top 4 benefits that will accrue once you start gaining some brawn.

Benefits Of Building Muscle


1) Muscles Keep You Young And Decrease The Chances Of Injuries


Recently, my closest friend (who is not a weight-lifter) expressed his love of football a bit too much over the weekend resulting in an ACL tear. Fast forward 12 months and countless trips to his physio (he had immediate surgery), and he feels something is still not right!


The point here is that had he been a weight lifter, the chances of having an ACL tear would have drastically been reduced. Building muscle increases bone density, improves balance and stability and hence reduces your risk of injury. 1


A decrease in muscle mass (sarcopenia) as one age results in a loss of functional abilities and, thereby increase in risk for falls and fractures. As you age, your bones become less dense.


This is defined as osteopenia. More muscle means more muscle strength which in turn improves bone strength. This reduces the risk of osteoporosis.


2) Muscles Aid In Keeping Body Fat Levels Low


Building muscles burn more fat. We know muscles are catabolically more active tissues than fat, which means they need more energy to survive. So if one gains 10 lbs of muscle, they will burn 50 to 70 calories per day without moving (roughly ).


Isn’t that awesome?


Besides this, weight training has an EPOC effect and can boost your metabolism for up to 16 hours ( sometimes even more, depending upon the intensity of your workouts ). This added advantage of elevated metabolism results in more calorie burns without doing anything! 2


3) Muscles Make You Look Good


Muscle tissues are denser than fat tissue ( imagine muscle to be like a piece of iron and fat tissue to be like cotton ). Muscle makes you look toned and firmer. Just stay in your sexy weight range:


Minimum Lean Body Weight: 23 * H 2 – Maximum Muscular Body Weight: 26 * H 2


In this equation, height (H) is in meters, and weight is in kilograms. You can convert feet and inches to meters using any online calculator. For example, 3 Being in your sexy weight range will ensure that the sheer size of your muscle does not overpower the symmetry.


4) More Muscles Improve Your Game


An article in business insider about Tiger woods is a clear indication of how he prioritizes strength training to improve his game. 4 Another study published by Pub med stated that there is enough evidence that suggests that a strength training program is an integral part of an athlete in any team sport. 5

Final Note


In the end, everyone has different preferences as to how many muscles they like to build. It varies according to one’s height, genetic build and preference. A comprehensive guide ( stay tuned ) will help you be specific and guide you to build the pleasing, symmetrical body that you dream of.


Just remember this quote from the legendary Steve Reeves

Too many muscles can get in your way. You have got to have enough to get people interested but not so much to scare them off.

What do you think about building muscle? Have any questions? Let me know in the comments below!

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