Tips To Burn Belly Fat

Akash Sehrawat

3 min read | Dec 29, 2018

Q) Akash, I have a really big belly, and my arms are super thin! Please give me the best tips to burn belly fat effectively. Thanks, John.


A) Hey John, you are Skinny Fat. I was in the same boat as you many years back, but have managed to burn my belly fat, and I have been maintaining a flat tummy since then. Please see my pictures below:



Also, know that belly fat can pose a greater threat than subcutaneous fat.


Belly fat is a combination of visceral fat and subcutaneous fat.


The former is the fat that surrounds your organs. Some visceral fat is required to protect the organs and provide cushioning, but when it exceeds the limit, it starts to become a threat.


Even though I was overweight (and not obese) in my before picture, I had belly fat:



Being a Skinny-Fat guy, my body has most of its fat cells located in the belly areas, and wherever I gain fat, it straight goes mainly where the majority of my fat cells are i.e. belly.


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Two things that will give you 90% of your results:


1) Eating Clean-Homemade Food Most Of The Time


Let me start by saying that most people overeat. It’s because they have no idea how many calories they are consuming. For the longest time, I thought I was eating less than my TDEE, but in fact, I was almost consuming maintenance calories.


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The surest way of knowing is calorie counting. I’ll be in your face and say this: If you want quick, fast and effective results, you gotta count calories.


Why Homemade Food?


1) It’s simply because you know what the hell you are eating


2) Most outside food is unhealthy


Almost everywhere, vegetable oil is used for cooking, which is not healthy and causes inflammation, which is linked with insulin resistance which causes belly fat. 1


Inflammation > Insulin Resistance > Belly Fat.


So cook your food in ghee/coconut oil.


3) It’s not fresh


Vegetables and salads are pre-cut. Meats are contaminated with hormones/antibiotics, fish with mercury and so forth.


If the hormones are given to animals to make them fat, don’t you think if you eat those animals, those hormones get inside you and make you fat?


4) There are a lot of hidden calories


Do you think the chef who cooked your butter chicken will be conscious of the fact that you are on a diet and will use only 1 tbsp of fat to ensure you don’t cross your macros…


Of course not…his main aim is to make the food look appealing and tasty. Extra fat always makes the food tasty. And that my friend is a big problem


5) You have so many unhealthy options


Imagine a time you went to eat out with your family. Everyone is in a jolly mood. They want to drink and overeat. No matter how strong your willpower is, you will always rationalize more food than not and convince yourself that you will jog an extra 3 0 min to burn it off, which usually doesn’t happen.


So my point here is clear:


It’s very tough to lose belly fat and have a flat tummy unless you are eating almost all your meals at home, preferably cooked by you or your partner.


Before you start worrying about macronutrient ratios, nutrient timings, protein supplements, whether to drink apple cider vinegar or green tea or even considering fat burners, know this:


-90% of your results will depend on whether you eat homemade food. And most of the ingredients are fresh i.e. they don’t come in a wrapper or a box.


2) Eating Less Than Your TDEE Long Enough


-The second thing is, of course, eating less, 20–30% less than your TDEE.


So it means it’s possible to gain fat on a 100% healthy meal plan? Yes!


Your body will store anything in excess. It converts into fat.


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