The Saying, “Every Day Is Arm Day,” Does It Actually Work? Do You Build Muscle Faster Like That?

Akash Sehrawat

< 1 min read | Jan 3, 2019



Almost 75% of your musculature is located in your lower body and your back. Rest is present in your shoulders and chest.


And finally, your arm muscle (which comprises no more than 5% of total musculature; honestly, I don’t know the exact % but it not be more than 5%)


So Ask Yourself This Question


If I do barbell curls or concentration curls daily, will I build muscle faster?


I am sure you know the answer by now. If you want to build muscle overall, then you need to train the biggest muscles in your body in the following priority:


Legs: Squats & Deadlifts


Back: Deadlifts, Pull-ups & Lat pulldown


Shoulders and Chest: Military press & Bench press


Arms: Barbell curls & Triceps pushdown


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Give priority to the muscle groups as given above, and that’s the fastest way I know how to build muscle.


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