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The Fabulous BodyBy Akash Sehrawat

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The Fabulous Body


For over a decade, the author suffered at the hands of conventional wisdom and he almost gave up his dream of building his ideal physique. Finally his persistence paid off and in the last few years he completely transformed his physique by implementing certain KEY yet RADICAL ideas.

This book is essentially a collection of these RADICAL IDEAS that will set you free from all the information overload and misguided conventional wisdom.

In this book you will read about FBX (Fabulous Body Training System) which is a multifaceted training system that will optimise your gene expression in only 3 to 6 hours a week. It draws its wisdom from the lifestyle of hunter/gatherers, and combines it with the latest exercise guidelines by ACSM. Further more, old school bodybuilding principles are incorporated which ensures its users build a classic physique unlike the physique that is so common these days—disproportionate, unrealistic and unnatural.

Fabulous Body is a paradigm with 3 pillars, 9 fundamental laws that will act as a personal coach in your quest to build your ideal physique that you so deserve.

With FBX you will be able to :

  • Build 10-15 lbs of dense, rock hard muscles in 3 to 6 months time. You will realise how simple and straightforward building muscles really is contrary to what the conventional sources (popular muscle and fitness magazines and supplement companies want to make your believe)
  • Lose weight and bring your body fat in the optimal range ( for men, 9 to 14 percent; for women, 19 to 24 percent ) in an easy way by simply mimicking the movements of our ancestors. No long, boring, moderate-intensity cardio required!
  • You will sleep better, normalise your HDL/Total cholesterol ratio and fasting insulin levels and be on your way to optimize your health.
  • You will build a strong and functional body which is capable of doing real-life activities effectively.
  • For over a decade, the author suffered at the hands of conventional wisdom and he almost gave up hs dream of building his ideal physique.

Forget about wasting hundreds and hundreds of dollars every month on worthless supplements or an expensive gym membership. FBX can be pursued with basic equipments, including home gyms. Further, the Reality Diet ( a term that is used for a no-fad diet—notice it’s not FAT its FAD ) focuses on home-made meals and incorporates the concept of intermittent fasting which makes eating enjoyable, practical and less time consuming.


There are 16 FBX printable workout routines in the added FREE BONUS REPORT that will get you started right off the bat. These workouts are divided into beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. They are further sub-divided into FBX-Cut and FBX-Gain to help you build muscles and lose fat efficiently and effectively.