Skinny Fat To Ripped | Important Tips To Go From Skinny Fat To Ripped

Akash Sehrawat

2 min read | Dec 30, 2018

I went from being Skinny to Skinny Fat to Ripped. My journey has been long, and I made many mistakes along the way.


First, here is a snapshot of me after 10+ years of working out in the gym.



‘From Skinny to Skinny Fat’ (the worst condition to be in). Even though I had a decent amount of muscle in the after picture, my belly was around 38–39 inches (Body Fat ~26%). It hid beneath the ugly fat I had.


The ‘Biggest’ Skinny Fat Mistakes I Made


1) I overtrained. I worked out 6 times/a week, foolishly doing split routines.


2) I ate 4000+ calories, thinking eating more would trigger more muscle growth.


3) I limited my fat intake to no more than 10% of my total caloric intake.


4) I did excess cardio, thinking this way, I would burn fat.


and some other mistakes…..



Although I still haven’t reached my ideal physique, I managed some good changes. Most of all, I feel very healthy with only one-third of the work!


The main reason I launched my own blog was the fact that I wanted to help people with misinformation.


I Don’t Want People To


1) Waste a crazy amount of time by working out 6 times a week or eating 5–6 smaller meals a day.


2) Spend boatloads of money on useless supplements.


3) Go crazy stuffing food that your body doesn’t need.


Here Are The Three Important Changes I Made That Allowed Me To Go From Skinny Fat To Ripped


-I dramatically increased my total calories of healthy fats from 10-30%, sometimes even 40%. Healthy fats are required by the body for many important functions and actually help you burn fat.


Did you know that Coconut oil which has MCTs, is generally used for energy and not stored as fat?


-I started tracking my caloric intake and initiated phase training, kind of manipulating my body into burning fat and building muscle.


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Did you know it’s a myth that your body can only gain muscle when in a caloric surplus?


-I significantly reduced the total volume of my workouts from 6 times a week (10-12 hours) to just 3-4 hours and worked out only 3 times a week, sometimes only 2 times.


I researched the best supplements, used them where my diet lacked nutrients, and ensured that I focused on other important nutrients (micronutrients) and not just ‘Protein!’

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