Skinny Fat People Vs. Normal People

Akash Sehrawat

2 min read | Dec 30, 2018

Aesthetics aside, Skinny-Fat people have more belly fat than a normal person.



Most of the belly fat is visceral fat. Professor Jimmy Bell has a name for Skinny Fat people—TOFI’s.


TOFI’s- Thin On The Outside And Fat On The Inside.


Thin On The Outside- Less muscle mass, lanky skeleton framework.


Fat On The Inside- Tendency to store most of the fat on the belly i.e. surrounding the organs like the heart/liver.


This type of fat doesn’t just sit there; it communicates with your organs and disrupts their normal functioning. It is this fat that sends out chemical signals which eventually lead to insulin resistance, diabetes and heart conditions, rather than the fat lying in dimples underneath the skin.


So essential that Dr. Bell is saying that Skinny Fat people (usually they are within the normal BMI range) are at a higher risk of developing chronic diseases like type-2 diabetes.


Honestly, when my waist was 39 inches (sometimes 40 due to bloating and inflammation), I was not worried about medical reasons (as at that time, I was not armed with the research that I know now).


Still, I lost almost 10 inches from my belly because I was a health club owner and used to feel like a hypocrite.


At the same time, my slim-fit ZARA Shirts used to look awkward, and at the get-together, I spend a lot of time holding my breath, trying to ensure that my belly was not outdoing my chest…haha….


These were pretty strong reasons, and I managed quite a transformation here.


I am currently at 9–10% body fat at the time of writing this answer


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