3 Biggest Skinny Fat Mistakes You Are Making You Don’t Know About

Akash Sehrawat

2 min read | Jul 30, 2017

A Skinny-Fat Guy or a Gal is someone who has a Higher Body Fat Percentage and relatively Less Muscle Mass.


I was a classic example of a skinny fat person. I was somewhere close to 26% body fat with a decent amount of lean muscle.


Here are some of the biggest mistakes I made that resulted in me being Skinny-Fat:


1) I Decided To Gain Muscle Even Though My Body Fat Was Somewhere Around 20%


If you have a higher body fat percentage, you’ll be more insulin resistant. What this does is you gain more fat than muscle when trying to bulk up. Ultimately my body fat increased from 20% to 26%, with hardly any increase in my muscle mass.


2) I Ate Close To 4,000 Calories Every Day


I had only one desire, and that was to gain a lot of muscle. It was clear to me at that time that if you need to get ‘Big,‘ you need to eat big, Period! I convinced myself that I can cut down all the body fat once I gain enough muscle (the typical bodybuilding way).


So I did. I didn’t count my calories (although I had a rough idea, and it was close to 4,000). You’ll be even more surprised to know that I ate pretty clean.


I did have my cheat meals and use to drink socially at the time. But you see, your body doesn’t need so many calories to build lean muscle; it only requires marginally more than your maintenance!


The extra 1000-1200 calories that I ate accumulated as body fat. Yes, even eating extra healthy food can get deposited as Belly Fat, like it or not!


3) I Was In The Gym Almost Every Day, Overtraining


When it came to my workouts, I was in the gym almost every day. This, instead, resulted in me losing lean muscle instead of gaining them. Muscles are built when you rest and recover. The simple fact was that I was overtraining. 


Besides these mistakes, there are also a few ‘Common Skinny Fat Mistakes’ that people make that cause them to become Skinny-Fat.


4) Do Chronic Cardio Every Day & Eat Way Less Than Your Maintenance Calories


This strips away all your lean muscle. And when you get off your starvation diet, you gain all the weight back, mainly around the belly area. In 99% of cases, you have more weight (fat, not muscle) than what you have lost.


5) Little Or No Weight Training


This one is pretty obvious. No weight training = No Lean Muscle.


I created my course, Lean- The Ultimate Skinny-Fat Solution to help all skinny-fat individuals overcome that state and look & feel great.


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Have any doubts? Let me know in the comments below!

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