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Akash Sehrawat

4 min read | Dec 30, 2018



I can help you go from Skinny Fat Guy to a Lean Guy in about 18 weeks or so.


Why me?


Because I have been Skinny Fat for many, many years.


This was me almost 6 years back- Red-Tshirt. This was me in 2014, an extreme version of Skinny Fat.



I made many mistakes along the way. I rectified those mistakes, and here is my current physique.


Tips To Become Lean


Here are some really important tips and pointers that can help you to go from being a Skinny, Fat Guy to becoming Lean.


1) Ditch The Cardio


Start doing HIITs. You’ll get a nice boost of Human growth hormone and testosterone after every bout of these sessions.


Note: Excessive cardio increases cortisol which has a direct effect on belly fat.


2) Run Away From Sugar


Eliminate or minimize it to no more than 200 calories a day. Sugar is in everything! The processed food item that is packaged has some form of sugar in a disguised form. Avoid anything that comes in a wrapper or a box (exceptions are there like whole wheat bread/Steel cut oats, whey protein and so forth).


3) Weight Lift


Skinny Fat guys look skinny fat because they don’t have muscle. The best way to build muscle is by picking up a few compound lifts and growing stronger in them in a moderate rep range of 5-10.


Note: Don’t aim for one-rep max, i.e., go below the rep range of 5. Your framework is not built to handle this stress.


Nor go above 12 reps (exceptions are there…with squats etc.), but overall, stay below 12 reps. Lifting within the above rep range will target your fast twitch muscle fiber and help you with hypertrophy.


4) Stay Away From Refined Carbs


Refined carbs are not just limited to sugary sweet foods like donuts or pastries. Your cereals, rice, and even your roti are made from commercially available flour, which has been super-processed. And therefore, they raise your insulin faster, which, unfortunately, causes belly fat storage.


Things have dramatically changed over the past fifty years, and the rice/roti your parents used to eat is not the same and has become refined. Unless you can procure unprocessed ingredients (like get it from a healthy store/source it from your village), you are in bad luck!


And I’ll be in your face and tell you, man…you need to be careful.


What is the way out?


5) Put Special Emphasis On Healthy Fats


This will require a huge mindset shift for you, especially if you have been brought up in the low-fat craze era!


Healthy fats are your friends and will heal your gut lining (most skinny fat people have impaired digestion and weak guts, which results in bloating/gas).


So start with ghee/coconut oil, whole-fat cow’s milk, whole eggs, and nuts/seeds. These foods will give you the required calories and help you stay away from sugary foods, as there will be no cravings or hunger.


Most importantly, you will become a fat burner.


Yes, that is a word. A fat burner is someone whose body utilizes fat as the main energy source most of the time.


Your BMR (Basal metabolic rate) is the calories you burn at rest and constitutes the bulk of your calorie out…unto 60–70% of your total caloric burn.


When a person eats too many carbs, their body shifts gear, becomes a sugar burner and uses up glycogen stores and sugar as an energy source even at rest.


This is not a good thing, as burning sugar is very inefficient.


What happens when the glycogen stores deplete? Your body then taps into your lean mass and bone for energy instead of going for your fat cells.


However, being a fat burner, you rest assured that at rest and even at low-moderate intensity activities, your body is tapping into your fat reserves. And you become a fat burner by eating more fat.


This is a concept that is clearly explained in Dr. Ron Rosedale’s book, and he nicely summarizes why one gets fat. 1

Eating fat doesn’t make you fat, inability to burn fat makes you fat.

Final Note


Can I Really Build A Lean Physique In Just 18 Weeks?


Maybe or maybe not…!


In my program, LEAN, I have assumed that most people will start at a body fat percentage of 20% with relatively little muscle mass to show.


I have the BMI results of thousands of people at my gym, and most of them hovered between 20-22% body fat percentage.


That means they can build muscle and lose fat at the same time. Each phase has a certain goal that needs to be accomplished before they can graduate into the next phase.


Realistically, it’s possible to lose 1–2 lbs/week, and at the same time, it’s possible to build up to 10–15 lbs of pure muscle (no water, no glycogen, just pure mass).


Let me say this,


If you drop 15 lbs of fat and build 10–15 lbs of muscle, the change in your physique will be so dramatic that you may look like a different person altogether!


Why most people won’t be able to achieve that in 18 weeks?


It’s because they probably won’t listen to me and will keep doing their own thing. We are what our habits are, and the habits are so ingrained that it’s very tough for people to go outside their comfort zone and try something new.


Like eating more fats or shifting from doing bro-splits 6 times a week to 3 times a week weights.


I am not saying my methods are the best. Still, being a Skinny Fat guy, making almost every mistake in the book, and being thoroughly trained in the science of the human body, I can say with enough confidence that my methods for a Skinny Fat guy are one of the best.


Lastly, even if it takes you 6 months, or even a year or year and a half, and you somewhat look like ‘my after pictures,’ would you take the challenge?


Think about that and let me know. I am here to help.


All the best! 🙂


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