Skinny Fat Exercises | 2 Golden Exercises For Skinny Fat

Akash Sehrawat

2 min read | Dec 30, 2018

Most Skinny-Fat guys/gals are naturally thin. They have narrow shoulders (short clavicles), a small head and a small chest.


Their hands and legs are longer in relation to their torso. They have weak genetics when it comes to building muscle, and since most of their fat cells are located in their abdomen region, even at relatively less weight, they have belly fat.


The keywords for us are ‘Narrow Chest, short clavicle.’


Our upper body is not naturally broad when compared to someone who has a wider skeletal frame. Therefore the 2 Skinny Fat Golden Exercises are


1) A Pull-Up



If you build a massive back, your chest circumference will increase. When you measure your chest, notice that your pectoral muscles (chest muscles) only comprise a small portion of the measurement.


75% of the measurement is dependent on the size of your rib cage and how broad is your upper back (The thickness of your back also contributes to it a bit).


I think you got the idea of what I am getting at….:)


A V-Taper!!


Yeah, tiny waist! (A pure ectomorph has a thin skeleton frame) which includes a small rib box and obviously a narrow hip bone and waistline.


Once a Skinny-Fat guy reaches a body fat percentage of 10%, his waist hovers around 29-30 inches (without bloating/inflammation which may increase his waist by 1 inch).


All he has to do now is, focus on building a massive back and strong legs and increasing the size of his rib box!


Here Is My Latest Physique



2) Trap Bar Deadlift 



This unique exercise not only builds your legs but also helps you focus on your back muscle, giving you that broad look. It also helps burn a lot of calories, and therefore it’s great for fat loss too.


I have incorporated both these movements and a few other important compound lifts that can help you get rid of being Skinny Fat.


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