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The Complete Transformation Program

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  • What is FBX—The Complete Body Transformation Program? And why do I need it?

    FBX-Transformation Series is a multifaceted training system that can help you build a fabulous body that is not only looks good, but is also optimally healthy and functional. It’s not about the latest diet or the exercise fad, it’s a LIFESTYLE. It’s like hiring a personal trainer, life coach, nutritionist – all in one. This 12-week (or 16-week) complete body transformation program will bring value through knowledge, variety, motivation and accountability.

    It’s designed for people like YOU who thought they didn’t have enough time or energy to get fit, some who are managing relationships, children, and busy careers, others who like to go to parties and clubs and still want to look great, and still others who have their BMI’s on the higher side, or even someone who is dangerously thin.

    Which program should I opt for: FBX-Lean, Gain, Cut?

    FBX-Lean is for people who simply want to tone up a bit, improve their health, become more flexible. At the same time they are also keen on gaining few pounds of muscle and lose few inches from their belly!

    FBX-Gain is designed for people who wants to gain dense rock-hard muscle! Its for people who wants to become strong and functional at the same time. Opt for this program if you need to gain more than 11 lbs ( 5kg ) of muscle.

    FBX-Cut is for people who want to lose lot of weight, at least 11 lbs ( 5kg ) and more. Idea is not just to lose weight, but FAT. You will look toned, lean and sexy. You’ll be surprised how much your body can change in just 12 to 16 weeks!

    How does FBX programs work?

    FBX programs works in 4 easy steps:

    • Once you purchase the program, you will be send a questionnaire which you need to fill up and send it back to me. This will enable me to design a personalised FBX workout plan and a diet plan specifically tailored to your needs, goals and abilities. You will also click your before pictures and email it to me.
    • Within 48-72 hours you will get your customised diet plan and workout chart designed by me.
    • The fun begins☺ you start implementing the program. We communicate via weekly emails. Every week you will report me your progress.
    • Together, step by step we will reach your goals. There is nothing else which gives me more happiness than seeing my clients achieve their fitness goals.

    What products and services are included in FBX-The Complete Body Transformation Program?

    • Customized FBX workout plan and nutrition meal plans designed by me.
    • A Nutritional guide (more than 50 pages) includes 40+ recipes (both non-vegetarian and vegetarian )! Further, 14 nutritional guidelines, basic science of losing or gaining weight etc is discussed as well.
    • Weekly progress update of weight, measurements etc.
    • Unlimited Email support
    • Supplementation guidance

    How much weight can I lose/gain on this 12-week transformation program*?

    If a person follows the program 100% then he/she can lose around 12 to 15 kg (26-33lbs) in 12 weeks. Please note that majority of the weight would be fat, therefore lot of inch loss will happen. For someone who wants to gain weight they can see an increase of 5 to 7kg (11-15lbs) of lean weight. This will add at least 1inch on your arm by the way:)

    Will my expenses related to diet go up once I am on the program?

    The DIET Plans consist of mostly whole foods and nothing too expensive. All the ingredients can easily be procured from your local grocery store. Since the focus will be on eating whole meals most of the time, you will probably save costs by not eating out too much and in some cases my even compensate more than the cost of the entire program!

    Do I have to consume any supplements?

    Use of supplements is to fulfil the deficiency in diets. It may vary from person to person, and I will let you know if there is any need.

    How many hours do I have to devote every week exercising on this program?

    FBX can get you results in only 3 to 6 hours per week. You will not need more!

    Can I pursue the program if I have any health concerns?

    Before starting any program you should consult your physician. You will also need to notify me of any past injuries/surgeries that may restrict certain movements/exercises or foods!

    Are there any refunds?

    The system will work if you remain 100% focused and dedicated to the program and remain accountable throughout. Since my personal time is involved, there cannot be any refunds.

    • Results may vary and will depend on many factors like genetics and how consistent you are with their meal plans and workouts.